Days Of Oblivion

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New version — “My voice rings harshly in my ears, I’m alone in a world full of nothing. One year back, the world still had life in it, and every living soul survived every single day, making a living. --- Our world faces its consequences and because of them, we live in hiding; we live in fear of tomorrow. We can never be free and today I face a war I never thought I would. They prepared a war and I have no choice but to fight my fuc-ing way through. I will win this war and not back down. No matter what…

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Author note

I’ve taken the time in rewriting in Days of Oblivion.

A 250-page book (Well it might be more pages,) but I wanted to make his book larger, explain more.

I hope it sounds good… I have been writing non stop on this book, which will also include parts of Strange Aftermath inside…

All the pieces where Ethan goes missing will also be added, and the parts where his life is explained.

I have a lot of thought about this book I want it to sound good…

Thank you for reading everyone,

If I have a chapter available, I will post it, I will not rush this book, because it’s a lot of hard work, and I’m planning on writing this full-hearted…

There will also be a timeline available at the end of the book and also a character introduction… I can’t post pictures but I’ll just write a short bio about him…

Also, I updated the trailer, which I will add to my Youtube channel.

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