Biters: A Zombie Novel

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The end of the world is here, it’s been 3 years since it first started, and it’s not how any expected it to be. This story follows a group of survivors trying to survive in a severely unpredictable world

Horror / Thriller
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Chapter I: New Beginnings (Introduction)

It's a sunny day in Dallas, Texas. Besides from the abandoned cars in the street, the dead bodies in the fields and the endless hordes of biters roaming the state; it's a pretty morning. Things were looking up for Max and his small group, even though they had to flee their last base due to it being overran by biters

Max and his group arrived onto a hill, surrounded by tall trees. This is where'd they'd set up camp, they planned on making this their home, they planned on setting up some nice walls to stand firm and protect their home but for now they’d have to start small.

"What'd I say? This place is perfect for us. It's discreet yet plenty of land for us to build off of," Max said as the group exited out of the van they were traveling in.

"Things are looking promising," The forty-five year old continued

“That's what you said about the last base.. things are looking repetitive, we can't keep losing homes like this," Alice replied, the twenty-one year old blonde always having her doubts, with good reason too.

"I know I've said it before but this time is different.." Max replied.

"Where should I set up the tents, sir?" Asked Hayden, the twenty-one year old was Max's right hand man. Some would say he's a kiss-ass but he's always treated everyone with respect.

"Anywhere you seem fit.." Max then walked to the middle of the hill in front of the group.

"Everybody. I know we've had our struggles in the past.. I know I haven't been a strong leader but today is a different day. Today's a new beginning and a chance to start new,” The forty-five year old said with a sincere grin on his face.

The group consists of six survivors. Max the leader, Kate the other older survivor as she was forty-five as well. Hayden MacKinnon, Alice Rose, Javier Martinez the twenty-five year old giant considering he was 6'3, and Mar Maddox, a twenty-seven year old mechanic, who was fairly new to the group.

It was a young group but under the supervision and management of Max, it has the potential to be a striving one.

A few hours passed and it was getting dark, the group gathered around a campfire to relax and talk before they'd get ready for bed. It was a calm night, quiet too which was a blessing considering what they've been through. Kate then looked at Max

"You ever miss Ryse?" She asked him, referring to their old leader,

Ryse was someone who gave them a great sense of hope but one day just grabbed his things and left without a trace

"Yeah.. of course I do. He was like a brother to me." Max replied.

"Can't believe he just.. left.. with good timing too I guess." Kate said with a frown.

"I know I'll probably never be as a good as a leader as he was.. but I'm gonna do my best for you guys." Max said in a soft tone.

"Hey.. you haven't abandoned us, you're already miles ahead of him in my book.. though I do miss him too." Alice said, which was reassuring to old Max.

The group then celebrated their new beginning, Oblivious to the dangers that would soon cross their path.
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