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There were several cards that Shawn had shaded in with actual colors. They were either heroes or evilly possessed creatures from another domain. Some of them were able to summon spirit animals, sort of like the outlaw who Shawn had called Paris.

Paris was Shawn’s favorite card to use against Matthew, but he never told Matthew because he figured that Matthew would fight him over it whenever they began to play. Paris may call upon a pair of jackals that are able to attack twice.

A pair of golden sickles are in his hands, each of them having a golden aura trickling from them. Shawn invented Paris without any help from his brother and used an Egyptian-style theme while sketching in the markings engraved upon his white robes.

Shawn aspires to make Mythmen into it’s own business, one day. He’s patient when it comes to math, and his artwork is carefully drawn. Sadly, he can’t rely on his brother in any way.

Shawn has dreams of owning his own company; one that sells Mythmen cards in shiny packs of ten to twenty individual cards. Each of the cards would be different, and Shawn would have to know why. He would have to split them all up into different species and balance out the power within every pack.

He would have a strong set of rules like his parents gave him and his brother. Each of his cards would interact with one another in the process of rolling a die, and the game would be a hit like jacks or Charley horse. Paris and his pair of jackals would fight against Perseus and his Medusa head power-up. Ajax would draw his spear and break away at Odysseus’s bow. Such as within an epic, Shawn would be lying in so much money by the end of it.

Matthew on the other hand would not be. Shawn’s brother is like an absolute gut jab to his mirrored intellectual mind. The boys both behave differently, the more and more that they grow up.

‘Keep-It-Brief’ tries to be a super dad for his sons and slowly it’s becoming more and more evident in the late night hours. He’ll go downstairs and turn on the garage light. He’ll sit in his racecar and turn the key into the ignition. Like a deer in headlights, he keeps his beer bottles on the counter that’s in front of his top-speed racer, patiently waiting for a checkered flag.

His wife drinks a lot of whiskey, and so normally she falls asleep at the right time. Upon Sadie passing out, Keith goes down to the garage almost every night. He pops the hood to his number thirty-five racecar, trying to find flaws within it’s performance.

There aren’t too many either. Every week, he drinks his favorite malt liquor as he watches the past recordings of previous races. He goes over the circling within his head, knotting a rope around his neck like a rodeo bull. He steers awake while the others sleep, only to keep a distance as the car ahead. Ironically, ‘Keep-It-Brief’ is a superhero for those who can pretend.

When Shawn created the Paris card, he made it within his father’s image, allowing the jackals to represent him and his brother. Its not the only one that Shawn had made in the image of a family member either. No joke: he made one for each in the family.

Its hard to find a fluke within his drawings. He transformed his mother into a card, whom he called by the name Chandelier, a witch with a spellbound ability to change into a ballerina with twin knives. He made this on his own without any help from his brother, and both of his parents support him for it.

Perhaps he’s like a stone bust, but his twin, Matthew, was echoed into the bodily image of Perseus. It was probably a bit of something that Shawn had taken off of the internet before passing on to a thin sheet of paper. He made it so that Medusa’s eyes would glow the same shade of deep red that he used for the blood upon his armor. Thoughtfully, he dipped Matthew’s sword into a bath of poison that bled into him. It was all green and red; the same type of artwork that you’d find elsewhere.

Don’t forget the fact that Shawn would never be able to get rid of himself. He’s made himself into the images of so many heroes that he’s uncountable by the solo human mind. Inside of his artwork, his hands are given bow and arrow, sword and shield, and magical staves that only a wizard would use. Every hero has a different name, but the one that he made which most resembled himself was probably Guzi, a ninja with a fiery blowpipe.

At last, ‘Keep-It-Brief’ found his family a purebred dog which Shawn had also drawn upon a sheet of paper. He was big like the behemoth, although he was a tad bit different. He was peaceful like a dove floating above a battlefield; a white, devilish Cane Corso, who was called by the name Chance.

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