Leap Year

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Good Morning Cordelines

During the morning news, the Cordeline family was sat down at the dining room table while having a pie for breakfast. Sadie always bakes something fresh, usually on the weekend. Keith always requests her to make the same pie that his mother used to make. Its a sugary-topped cherry one with a touch of melted chocolate.

Matthew threw a tantrum and then also threw his spoon out of his hand which landed on the floor next to a small piece of pie that was licked up by Chance. After that point, Chance began to hound Matthew for another piece. He began to prance around his chair, swinging his tail back and forth, expecting to be fed by the hands of Matthew once again.

"Be a good boy!" Sadie begged the dog while picking up the spoon that Matthew had dropped. Her hand was almost bitten off by Chance. Sadie wakes up every morning and puts on her dress, and hopes to be the best housewife in Sherman Oaks. She reads a lot of fiction books and likes to binge watch shows about zombies and vampires. Its probably where Shawn gets his attention span.

Although, Chance was hungry. He pushed Matthew to the side and snatched his plate from the table. He devoured whatever Matthew had left and then began crying like a beaten child as soon as he was done.

He raced passed Shawn into the kitchen and jumped onto the counter in order to knock off the pie that was still lying on top of it. He dug his fangs into the fruity mess, snorting like a pig as the juice fell from his face to the floorboards.

"You damn dog!" Keith yelled at him like a moronic drunk. "Don't eat my mom's pie! Get away you little bastard!"

'Keep-It-Brief' dragged his dog by the collar all the way to the back door. It was almost as if he had super strength, judging by how quickly he was able to throw him out. Shawn didn't see Chance throughout the whole day until he told his dad about how long he's been missing. Keith told his son to go to bed and that he'd see Chance in the morning.

So later that night, Keith hopped into his racecar, and then into his sponsor paid Charger. Sweeping out the driveway and into the street, both of his headlights were fully functional. So were the wipers as it was raining.

Chance won't be too tough to find because Chance is white like snow in the winter. Yeah, Chance will be laughing beside him by the time the storm settles down. Then all will be happy with or without his mother's pie at the table.

Keith can't stop thinking about how well the melted chocolate was mixed in with a puddle of cherries, and best of all, it was baked underneath a layer of fresh dough. He's mad at Chance for eating the pie, today. He's even thinking about going home without him.

He turned on the radio to a news program that was talking about global warming and its effects on the environment. The show host was John Castwick from the southern part of Los Angeles. He was sharing his thoughts on the weather with another host named Dr. Rice. That's all that was given, no first name, nothing. She was led on by John as Dr. Rice throughout the entire program.

Keith began to fall in love with her voice and with the way that she answered her questions, laughing at the flirtatious jokes that John Castwick could rattle out for her. He listened to her diagnosis of the environment and even took some time to pull to the side while she was handing out her information at the end of the show. He's probably not going to call her, but he will send her an e-mail and donate to her cause.

He's zoning out to the mush of rock music now, expecting the corners that his kids have grown accustomed to. Without a sign of Chance in his car, he was left unwelcomed by Shawn, who stayed awake to wait for them.

In a moment, 'Keep-It-Brief' was backtracked by a vision of his twin boys and bound to partake in a blood sentence; a blood sentence for a man without any backbone, and one for the foolery of giving up.

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