The ghost on junction 42

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This story is about a group of kids and their boring teacher, Mrs Laurain. The whole school starts to turn black and white and the children are scared. Do they, and Mrs Laurain, have enough bravery to stop this evil or will they slowly turn to madness...

Horror / Mystery
Angel Gabriel
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The children are standing outside of the campus and are waiting for a lunch-lady to open the gate outside. The jokester, Andy, has been looking outside for the best place to prank the croaky teacher, Mrs laurain. Once the cate ascended, the kids rushed out and flooded the courtyard."Damn you stupid whippersnappers!!" Mrs Laurain exclaims looking down at the plant pot that had been shattered by Tony, a red-faced student with an angry appearance. The kids spot a broken fence leading to an old junction, junction 42. The children rush out with Mrs Laurain hot on their tracks. The kids stop in the middle of the broken road. Mrs Laurain catches up but comes to a halt as she sees the ungodly sight .To.Be.Continued...
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