Rising Dead

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This is no longer a normal world corpses walking aimlessly on the streets , weak peoples trying to survive in this apocalypse and stronger one created their own kingdoms ... in this world their is no law nor a humanity left only brutality and betrayal ... but there are still good peoples left and this story about them , can they survive in this cruel world or they have to became like others to survive ......

Horror / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Hi ..... I'm Alex ..mmmmm aand u must be Carla holmes ? . no no no not again I need to be more confident in front of her . Then suddenly phone rings , then Alex realized that he is in bathroom looking at the mirror and talking to him self ! Alex said with frastated voice " who the hel_ and he stopped after looking at the phone and the name on screen appears as his brother " Tom " and then Alex pick up the phone instant and started talking " Bro u know what u are life saver it's really perfect time u called me I Need Ur help " . "slow down will u ?" Tom said with laughing Voice. Alex started laughed nervesly " so let me guess you are in bathroom and talking to yourself again" Tom said . Alex " Nothings can hide from you as always" . Tom chuckels and said "Don't worry I'm going to tell you some rule or facts whatever just follow these simple steps. got it" . "of course" Alex said and chuckels and Tom started talking "you just have to set some rule like first look in eyes of her and always talk with smile . second don't be a nerd . third one and most important Always ask what she wants for example , Which movie she is like to watch or what food she like to eat and do not force your choices on her , Get it . " yeah " and then Tom said "go get her tiger " and Hungs the phone . Alex stare some time at the phone and goes out side. he is out side of parking lot various cars parked and some people's gathering crowd near lying man but Alex ignores them and looking in phone waiting for his date but she is not arrived because Alex is early .the date is on 8.00 pm and Alex 15 minutes early , and he is nervous right now so he decided to open his dating app and see his profile information
"Name - Alex Morgen
sex - Male
age - 24
occupation - student / vlogger
hobbies - gym , meditation, traveling
reading books
( about Alex ' height - 5.8 , eyes - blue , hair - dark black , body - muscular )
looking for someone who is loving , kind , optimistic , loves to travel .

and suddenly loud voice catches Alex attention where he previously had seen crowd . Alex quickly put his phone in his pocket and went running towards the crowd and saw two man's fighting with each other one man is wearing black jacket and jeans and other one wearing t shirt and jeans but the guy who wearing t shirt looking like sick , like corpses. crowd cheering for man wearing black jacket and he furiously hitting the other guy with his fist and other one trying to bite him . the guy in the black jacket said " who do you think you are trying to pick fight with Benji " and land fist on other ones head and t shirt guys drop on the ground. then girl said " OMG Benji did you kill that guy ". Benji said " what " Nina didn't you see that this guy looks like zombie " . then Alex said " don't you think you hit too hard to that guy over there " now every one turn there head to Alex direction looking at him. again Alex said "it's not real zombie he is human " then Benji said agreely " I know he is human and I DONT CARE " and step towards Alex . Alex grins and steps towards Benji and said " then why don't you take someone as your own size " Benji eyes locked with Alex . then crowd goes silent for few moments . then girls voice comes from behind Benji " Alex " Benji turns his head towards voice like Alex . Alex looked at the girl and recognise her and said " Carla ". Carla come forward and stand beside Alex and said in low voice " we have date tonight I guess". Alex step back and meets gaze of Carla and said " I am sorry " with apologatic look on his face , Carla smile and approved nod. Benji watching the whole scene and said sarcastically " two of you finished" and then steps forward towards Alex and said again " so you going to hide behind your girlfriend " and then Nina said " that's enough Benji " and surprisingly Benji also steps back and Alex grins and said "now who is running" but then suddenly the t shirt guy gets up and started growling out loud every one looks in his direction and started frightening including Carla but Alex put his hand on her shoulder and said " don't worry I'm here " Nina said to alex with startled voice " are you sure he is not zombie " Alex steps forward but interpted by Benji said " I'm going to finish this not you" then Alex looks back at Benji who is coming forward and said "go ahead then " the t shirt guy looking at the ground but suddenly started running towards Benji and then the cops arrived and shoot at head of the t shirt guy and the t shirt guy fall on the ground like real corps. then the cop shout at his micro phone " this is a emergency every civilian go to their homes and don't come out without further notice ". every one watching this in silence and when the thought comes across their head of this event every one started running ' Benji said "what the hell so this is the real zombie " and started running with Nina , Alex gathering his thoughts he is standing still looking at the zombie and with blank expression then officer comes close to Alex and said "hey kid get the hell out of here " Alex realized that this is not some dream or some fantasy that he watched on TV or in movies this reality then Alex looks towards officer and nod and start looking for Carla then officer said " the girl already left and you also go home without stop do you understand kid " Alex looks around confused and run towards his bike . After long drive he comes home , his home is like home surrounded with compound walls and small gate and his home in middle of various laxury homes and he only here like 6 months away from his parents , his parents live out of town . as he come home he knows what he have to do because Alex like to watch zombie friction movies or TV series but it's not friction any more he drops on his chair and starting to panic and started thinking what he have to do to survive and then phone rang again it's Tom . Alex picks up the phone and before he say anything Tom started shouting opposite side of phone " this is insane you have to believe me you know what is happening this is trueeee" Alex cut the Tom and said " what are talking about and ..... forget it I want to tell you some thing it's important" Tom said "I know it's about zombie" Alex cuts him in middle and said " where the hell are you right now I need you here in the morning " Tom said " listen kid I know you are freaked out so other civilians but my job is protecting every one including you , I don't know about morning but I going to come as soon as possible " Alex stopped few moments and said " I know you have duty officer but you are suspended right now " Tom didn't say anything and and let's few moments pass and said " fortify all doors and windows and gather all supplies and do not go out side without necessarily " Alex said " I know I'm just worried about you and mom , dad " Tom said don't worry they are safe probably you just take care of yourself brother " and Hungs the phone , this is first time Tom said his step brother, his brother Alex started crying and sit down on chair and started remembering their past lives.....

to be continued

( hey guys if u like this story plz tell me *I didn't steal this story if u like more I will Write more like this so plz let me know )

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