Cradles the Brain: A Book of Short Tales

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Danse Macabre

Her dress swayed about her below the hips but hugged her up top. Its luster created a miniature night sky. The silver half-moon was at the satin choker around her neck. Her hair sank past her back in brown waves. The dark blue of her dress made her blend in with the shadows surrounding her, all except the glamorous shimmer held about her. Her sun-tanned skin faintly glittered in the moonlight as a fairy’s might. Her amber eyes soaked up and reflected the moonlight. She was staring at someone.

His suit was darker than the night itself. His tie was maroon and his undershirt was a crisp, blinding white. His shoes were polished with not a speck of dirt or dust to be seen. Like an oil spill, his hair was slicked back; dark and shiny. Eyes like oceans, he intently stared at his partner. His skin was a creamy white in comparison to hers.

He grasped her hand and gently pulled her toward him. A faint music began over the silence, slightly classical with a twist; an organ. A voice came over the music; deep and smooth. The music sped up and the singer moved with the tempo.

The couple entangled and danced along to the fast paced music with the grace of swans. Their moves were calculated and entrancing to watch. He spun and dipped her, then quickly pulled her up to keep up with the music. Their hips shook to the beat; their feet never missed a step. The man continued his serenade over the cool, silent night air. The cemetery was still but these two bodies twirling about. The willow trees around them gave off an eerie aura, protecting the two dancers. The headstones surrounded them like a captive audience. Tombs and tribute statues sat grey and motionless.

The girl’s hair and dress swung about her with her every move. The young man kept up with the girl, but he couldn’t quite lead her. They were equal partners in this fantastic show. They kept up the dance for what seemed to be an eternity, but in reality was but a few minutes. The moonlight twinkled off of the young lady’s whole being and the young man’s eyes. Smiles crept over their faces and they found themselves in ecstasy. They had never known that dancing on someone’s grave could be so much fun.

The man’s voice screamed over the stillness and their bodies, until silence. The couple stopped—mid-dip—with their faces inches apart, braced for a kiss. Completely still, their bodies began to fade, from whole, to ghostlike, to gone. The two graves they had been dancing upon sat with nothing but a dried up rose in between them. The two dancers were lost, forever at an arm’s length apart.

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