Cradles the Brain: A Book of Short Tales

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Oh, Honey

She ran through the tall grass. Brightly colored flowers swayed around the girl as her pigtails sailed behind her. The sunlight reflected off of her copper hair, giving her an amber aura.

The white dress she was clad in was too bright to stare directly at. She twirled, her arms swinging around her. The silver cross on her neck extended outward with the centrifugal force. A wide smile on her face glinted with the warm sunshine.

Slashing her arm upward, the blade she held sliced through the zombie’s neck, spraying blood. Droplets landed on her dress, staining her. The undead soldier screamed, a guttural sound. The girl retrieved her survival knife and swung down, not stopping her spinning motion. She drove the blade into the back of a soldier’s neck. The zombie shrieked until its body tensed up.

The girl watched the two writhing zombies, her eyebrows knit together. They stood with the grace of two dancers. She looked up to them in awe.

Her lips parted. “But—” she said.

But nothing, honey. We’re not the zombies from your favorite show,” the larger zombie said, a hand on his hip.

The duo lunged at her, snatching her up. She screamed and squirmed, throwing fists but catching nothing.

I cut your spinal cords!” she shrieked.

The two kept a good hold on her, one on her shoulders and the other holding her legs.

Yes, dear, but I am no mere zombie,” the male zombie continued, “I am the end of the world.” He opened his mouth and bit into her neck, chomping open the artery. He ripped back, casting blood onto the wildflowers.

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