Cradles the Brain: A Book of Short Tales

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Something told her to punch it. The dark that encased her was all she knew. She was warm and safe inside of her darkness, but she felt no happiness. Over time she felt the warm goo she lay in drying up. She felt cramped inside of the darkness, unable to see what trapped her.

She recoiled her arm and slammed her knuckles into something hard. Hearing a crack encouraged her. She pulled her arm back again and hit harder. She felt the darkness give way some.

Excited, she recoiled again and punched with all the force in her body. Her arm shot through the darkness. She pulled it back, feeling a rush of cold air through the hole. Bright light blinded her searching eyes.

She grasped the edges of the hole and pulled inward. Pieces of the darkness fell in on her, and she could now see they were white. For the first time, she saw her body. Ever consumed by curiosity, she quickly moved on, busting more pieces free.

The light hurt her eyes, but she was hungry for more. The air sent chills through her, but she had never felt more alive. Piece by piece she busted away the darkness. She pushed herself to the farthest point from her opening and braced her legs below the hole. With all her strength, she shoved outwards.

She heard a loud crack and the darkness opened up.

Her darkness sat in cream colored pieces around her. She lay sprawled out among them, her body pink and new. Her wide eyes wandered her surroundings and her world was anew.

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