The mystery

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The mystery.

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Chapter 1

The man named kavin was living in a banglow his friend ravish was living in a small house and kavin's brother named Haasan and Haasan's friend Manish was living in ravish's house one day everyone of them went to cinema. When they are going to there house.An old lady said"you all Gonna die in just few days"
Manish and ravish came to kavin's banglow Manish said "I am gonna eat". when Manish was eating Haasan called Manish.when Manish was going near Haasan the fan had falled from ceiling.Haasan and Manish got scared and they immediately called kavin and ravish.

Kavin asked "what happened" Haasan said that "fan fell down from the ceiling.Kavin asked "how".Haasan said that "He don't know" and after few day,Haasan got fever.So everyone of them asked what happened Haasan said he has fever.At the edge of that room.A scary voice said that the game had started.

The mystery chapter 2

All of them scared and haasan said who is speaker now . now answer to haasan from hall one man screaming all went to hall a scary face all scared and kavin said I think some one is pranking us . another voice said you all gone a die ravish is criying and manish so scared and criying kavin said I think its ghots haasan said we can kill the ghost kavin asked how haasan said i all will pray all prayed. and the ghost came and said no no no no they prayed and killed that ghost with knife and they lived happy.

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