How to get away with murder

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Lizzie Lynette Knowles is relentlessly bullied by a girl named Isa may,who makes L.Ls life a living nightmare. It gets so bad that L.L murders Isa,and isa’s friend. Will she get away with it? Or is she going to jail? Kept on reading to find out

Horror / Humor
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Chapter 1

Lizzie Lynette Lana knowles had a pretty good life.she had friends,a great school,and a wonderful neighborhood. Everything was perfect until Isa May moved in,she made Lizzie Lynette’s life a living nightmare. She made fun of her and her friends in L.Ls neighborhood,at her school,and even at her friend Gabriela’s house. She made fun of her at Gabriela’s house until Isa turned Gabriela against her and Naomi cellophane. Isa may was a terrible horrible jerky unimaginablely rude person,in other words,she was a total Scrooge.

Isa:here comes the little fat baby,riding her bike to go hang out with idiots.
L.L:Isa just leave me alone
Isa:ya gonna make me?
L.L:I can’t,as I’m not a big bully who enjoys triggering people’s anxiety
Isa.:that’s sounds like an acuse not to get up and fight!
L.L:Shut it! Fine! I will fight you tommorow,same time,right outside Naomi’s house.
Isa:outside her house,looks like it’s gonna be a double murder
L.L:(whispers to herself) o it will be a murder alright,and it won’t be me or Naomi.
Isa:see you tomorrow twerp,it will be the last thing you ever see.
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