To Death: Book 1

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Bonus teasers: From Death

A/N: From Death is the next book’s name. I’ll drop hints as well as revealing that mystery character I talked about earlier on! From Death starts 6 years after we last see Issac.


Snippet One: The L.A. Ripper


Running through ruined city streets I rounded a debris-strewn corner. My heart was pounding harder and harder as the loud echoing whistle of my attacker slowly lurked behind me. This person was someone people in this city began calling the L.A Ripper. They drifted in like a wave of death about three years ago; well that’s when people started dying. They’d be left with two clean stab wounds to the chest and left to die and turn.

Rounding another corner I ended up in a dead-end, my heart racing as death drew closer and closer as the whistling seemed to be coming from everywhere all at once. I uttered a line of curses under my breath as I spun around from the only way they could enter. The Ripper has killed an entire patrol of our people in a single night. Only one of them living to tell the tale this time. Making my heart drop was a short and thin figure stepping into sight, the whistle dying to a soft and ghostly hum as I was approached slowly. It was a sensory overload. The humming terrified me and I was convinced I’d wet my pants at this rate. And the sound of steel sliding across a sheath as blades were drawn. And that mask. It was downright creepy. A black skull adorned with red gems and paint, two devilish horns at its top.

Only when The Ripper was right before me did I catch onto further details. I knew now he was a man, judging by the stubble that lined his jaw. But in another flash, blades were about to be brought down into my chest with the intent of impaling my heart as I stumbled back into the wall of the dead end. But the pain never came as our killer in question was immobilized by a crackling sound. His body tensed as he fell to the ground limply, black blades dropped.

“Baited and stunned.” Daryl said to me, shooting me a big smile as he blew on his stun gun as if he were blowing smoke away from a muzzle.

“He had me scared shitless. He was so damn close to ending me.” I panted.

“And Jean thought this sociopath was a woman.” Daryl snickered.

“I’ll let you do the honors of seeing that face. After we get him tied up of course.” Daryl shrugged.

I’d been intrigued by this killer the moment patrols stopped coming back. And if someone did come back they’d tell the story of the eery whistling they heard before being attacked. We both tied him up, his body limp as he was still under. But for extra measure, Daryl injected him with a tranquilizer we’d brought just in case. We wanted him alive more than anything to get some payback. Once done I shakily reached for the creepy mask, still coming down from the adrenaline high. I flicked it off quickly, revealing the face we’d all wanted to see.

It was pretty face, the only thing marring its beauty being a small scar that ran from through his eyebrow and down his right eyelid to just below the socket.


Snippet Two: Pressure


“You’re just a lying good for nothing trying to take what isn’t yours!” I heard my husband shout.

I ran through the building five of us were searching until I found the source of the sound. My husband had that old familiar face pinned down, a blade to his throat. Though he wasn’t fazed, his face totally calm as he laid there, subdued and weapons discarded to the side. I knew things were bad. But I never knew it would get this bad.

“I’m not fighting for him. He is yours and you can have him.” He said to my husband as my lover’s eyes flitted over to meet mine.

In a blinding instant, my husband had switched places with the other man I cared so deeply for, being pinned down to the ground instead.

“Is it going to be me or him?!” My husband shouted as he fought.

“Izzy, stop.” I mouthed helplessly, not knowing what to do as they struggled over the ground before me. It was tearing me apart. I couldn’t pick a side with these two.

I was knocked aside as my son stepped past me. He took aim, firing without thought or a pause. The stun gun paralyzing Carlos.

“No...” I said, stepping around him, who he shot horrifying me.

“And this is why I started hating you both. And why I started hating him.” Darren spat venomously, helping up someone we both came to love.

He had him supported on his shoulder as he stalked past, leaving me stunned and with a passed-out lover.


A/N: So to conclude these two snippets. These are rough drafts. And I encrypted the second one. And left the first one pretty obvious as to who was who. Details will also change. You may ask. Will Adam and Jonas get perspectives? No, and yes. Adam won’t have any but he will be one of the primary characters. While some of the main cast become background characters or have died in the time between books. But Jonas will have a few perspectives and be a primary character. But will Jonas become the new main character? No. He will share having a perspective space with Issac. Kind of taking on a format of my other work. It may make this story a little longer as I paint both sides of each picture. Anyways, until next time. I’ve enjoyed every moment of this haunting thrill ride that is To Death. And I hope you have too! Q & A will be up in minutes! Tomorrow we start the next book!

“To Death, From Death, To Life.”

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