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The earth has been ruined. Robots, possessed animals, and other mysterious things attacking. When one person "saves" a large group of survivors will they be able to trust him? When he's the one that controls the robots, mysterious things, and things possessing the animals? Who will die and who will survive, find out by reading "S@crifices"

Meet the main people.

10 years old
Shy, Traumatized, Quiet
Good with animals
Shoulder length tanggled light brown hair
Average height for her age
Emerald green eyes with a few freckles around her nose
Wears a dirty purple sweater and blue pants with flowers on them
Has no family left, Main character

17 years old
Has bleak brown eyes
Has very short black hair
Wears a black leather jacket that is never closed with a plaid red shirt under neath, with ripped jeans
Good at hunting
Has no family left and never did
About a foot taller then average height for his age

Smart, Easily annoyed, honorable
Good at hacking
16 years old
Has her brother Zake as her only family
Has very long coal black hair that's in a ponytail
Has solid blue eyes
Average height for her age
Wears blue and white striped leggings with a darker blue T-shirt with a flower on it

12 years old
Has his sister Esmae as his only family
Has blueish green eyes with teal glasses
Wears a lime green long sleeves shirt and has black and blue pants
Average height for his age
Good with sight
Energetic, curious, and caring

18 years old
Lovable, lucky with some things, jokeing
Has no family left
About two feet taller then average height for her age
Good with hearing
Wears a red and black dress with black pants under it
Has very dark blue eyes

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