Killer in the basement

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My book is just for fun so don't roast me. It is about a girl getting black mailed by a killer that's killing everyone she knows she has to help the police without him knowing and he lives in her basement and nobody has a clue.

Horror / Mystery
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Chapter 2

Once the killer heard the steps grow quieter and quieter he creeped up the small dark stairs and look to see if the cars drove away. He quickly got to his cameras and set them up both in Jenna's and her parents rooms. He then started to execute his master plan... When suddenly he heard someone rush in the house. Without thinking he hid in the closet it was Jenna."what is she doing here!"she then ran full sprint to the door and left."wow that was close."now he can execute his master plan. He then found a photo of a young girl that was Jenna with this boy at the bottom and it said Ben+Jenna=forever. He was very angry so he ran to his new home also known as Jenna's basement. Just then Jenna and her parents walk in the door...
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