Killer in the basement

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Chapter 3

"mom I'm going to Ben's," "be back before curfew you know how your dad feels about being out late.""yes Mom I know especially after what happened with Ava." "Sweetie it was horrible and we want you to be safe." she walked through the thick wet snow into the darkness. The killer snuck out of the house and followed behind Jenna slowly so she would not see him. Once she arrived she was welcomed in by Ben. 2 hours later she left the house and kissed Ben goodbye. Little did Jenna know that would be the last time she ever saw Ben. The killer creeped in the house very quietly so ben will not hear him. He walked up the cold hardwood stairs into Ben's room. He took a deep breath, grabbed a nearby fluffy pillow and suffocated him. Ben screamed for air but knowing he could not do anything his body went limp. The killer then made it look like he fell hit his head and suffocated in his pillow, so nobody would know the real truth.
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