The darkest night .

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3 best freinds were headed to a deep forest for hiking where they experienced the most horrifying incident and only one was saved . The most atrocious experience of their life. Read the story to get the whole experience .

Horror / Adventure
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The darkest night

It was a cold Monday , me and my freinds Sana and Sadiq were headed to a forest for hiking .we left in morning at eight o clock and we reached there by a bus at six o clock . We were very excited to explore the forest , as we were walking my curiosity was on the highest level ,But after a while it was really dark and Sana unfortunately forgot all the torches at our house ,As we walked further and deeper through the forest we saw a lightning hut type house which looked really unusual as how could there be a house indeep the forest .

But it was is really dark and there was no other way so we all entered the house as the door was already open and seemed that it was opened for us which gave me goosebumps all the way. When we got to the main part of the house there was a empty room and seemed that there was no one living there so Sadiq entered the first room to see if we could stay there but it passed five minutes he was not out so Sana went to check on him and I was waiting outside in the hall but it was again five minutes so now when I entered the room ,I couldn't believe my eyes of what I saw there was a really long shadow standing in front and I felt that the land passed under my feet I was so scared and I started running out of the house and in about half an hour of walking I was out of the forest.

This incident was the most atrocious incident as I lost my two very good friends which were never found again and from that very day I never even passed through that forest .
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