A Babysitting Horror

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Melissa and her cousin Jessica have a babysitting job, They have always loved kids but this time, It changed their life.

Horror / Thriller
Fara Hovi
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Ivy Melissa Miller

“I have a baby-Sitting Job tonight,” Jessica says over to Melissa, Jessica opened the closet door and grabbed a button-up shirt with some jeans. “IVY MELISSA MILLER!” Ms Emerson, Jessica’s mom called. She was furious. “Explain why your mom called saying you have to be home right now?! Get home and get your bags, you’re staying the summer, remember!?” Melissa’s face turned red as a cherry in embarrassment. Melissa knew she wasn’t in trouble, but her being yelled at made her want to cry. “Okay!” She called out to her aunt, “I’ll be back, Jessica!” Melissa called to Jessica from the hallway, she was already putting her shoes on. When Melissa got back to her cousin’s how they were ready to have a great summer. “AHH!! No!” Jessica yelled. They had been watching The Shining for the first time, Jessica gasped and paused the movie. “My babysitting job!!!” Jessica yelled. “I’m gonna be late!” Jessica said, “Here, you’re coming with me, Melissa.” Jessica said, “WHAT? Don’t put your job on me unless I’m getting some of the pay!” Melissa shouted upset. “We are both gonna babysit the baby, he is so cute and calm. It’s not too bad, I promise!!” Jessica reassured Her. “Well, if you’re getting paid for easy work, I want to too!” Melissa said back. “Okay, I’ll tell Ms Johnson that you want to get paid too.” Jessica said “She will never agree to that” Melissa replied, “Just split yours with me.” Melissa said “No, you don’t know Ms Johnson as I do! She is the sweetest mom there is and She will let you get paid as well!!” Jessica stated, “She may be nice but that doesn’t mean she’s rich! But whatever you say... You do know her better than I do.” Melissa responded, giving in. Melissa and Jessica headed to Jessica’s room to get ready.

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