A Babysitting Horror

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What’s That Noise?

Jessica sat with her friends on the couch, Daphne forgot the beer situation and kept playing with the baby. A noise sounded in the kitchen, It sounded like glass breaking. “Huh?” Daphne said, Daisy stood up “What was that?!” Daisy said. Levi’s eyes widened at the sound, He stood up “That came from the kitchen…” Levi muttered. “I’ll go look!” Melissa said volunteering. “You could get hurt!” Jessica said, Daphne stood up and held Liam “I’ll keep him safe!!” Daphne said fearfully, Melissa went over to the kitchen. Something grabbed her by the arm and pulled her out the window. “AHHH!!” she screamed. Her arm got dislocated in the process, pulling her arm out of her socket. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Melissa screamed in pain, “MELISSA!!” Jessica screamed, grabbing Melissa’s leg and pulling her away from the killer, Daphne screamed and ran upstairs with Baby Liam. The killer was gone, “UGH!! MY ARM, AHHHHH!!” Melissa screamed in pain, “I-I know how to relocate an arm… I’ll just do it, It might hurt!” Jessica said, grabbing Melissa’s arm, Jessica twisted and pulled Melissa’s arm and popped it back in place “AHHH!!” Melissa yelped, Melissa got up and she could move her arm again. “Were okay… How did I even survive that?” Melissa wondered.


Daphne sat there, She was afraid that she would be the first to die. Daisy sat next to Daphne and comforted her, Daphne stepped towards the fridge and grabbed a Coca-Cola. A large noise could be heard, “Oh god-” Melissa whispered. “It came from the basement… I can go look if you guys want!” Daphne said voluntarily, “I guess you can, Just don’t get hurt!” Jessica said, Daphne walked down the stairs, She stepped on the old concrete floor of the basement. “AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!” Daphne screamed. “Daphne!” Melissa yelped. “We gotta go check on her!” Jessica said standing up quickly.

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