A Babysitting Horror

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It’s Me Again

Jessica ran to the stairs. “WE GOTTA HELP HER IF SHE’S IN DANGER!” Daisy screamed running behind Jessica, Daisy and Jessica ran down. What they saw was unbelievable, their emotions were mixed with fear, sadness, and anger. Daphne was on the ground dead, blood coming out of her mouth. She had been strangled. “NO!” Melissa shouted. “No no no no! This can’t be! …Uhh I’m gonna be sick...” she said looking at her friend’s dead body. She fainted once again and fell to the ground. Daisy screamed and covered her mouth. “W-What if the killer is still in here..?” she said whispering, stumbling on her words. Daisy stumbled to the corner, She arched her back and threw up in the corner of the basement, She coughed and threw up loudly, Jessica didn’t know how to react and She flinched by the sound. Her eyes started to water from both her friend dead and the stench of Daisy’s barf. Daisy wiped her mouth and stepped over to Daphne’s body and she crouched down. “I’m so sorry…” Daisy muttered to Daphne, “How did she die?” Melissa asked frightened, Daisy pointed at the marks on Daphne’s neck “She was strangled.” Daisy explained, “We have to call the cops!” Jessica shouted in fear, “yes…” Melissa said, Melissa sprinted out of the basement and up the stairs. She grabbed the phone and dialled 911 as quick as she could, “Hello?” Melissa said, “Florence Police, what is your emergency?” The female dispatcher asked Melissa started talking to the dispatcher. “I feel so bad… We shouldn’t have let her go down there by herself!” Jessica said, tears streaming down her cheeks, “I know.”

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