A Babysitting Horror

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Goodbye, Daphne.

Melissa lied on her bed tossing and turning, She felt nausea course through her body. She ran into the bathroom, Grasping the sink. She looked at her face and the sweat covering it. She started the sink and washed her face. Melissa started crying and wiped her eyes, She went to the toilet and vomited 2 times, “W-Why am I so nervous?” Melissa asked herself lying on the ground. Jessica heard Melissa coughing, “Huh?” Jessica muttered, Jessica walked to the restroom and saw Melissa sitting on the ground. “Why are you crying? Are you okay?” Jessica asked, Melissa, stood up and hugged her without saying anything. Jessica hugged Melissa back, “I Feel guilty for Daphne’s death..” Melissa said, “Me too…” Jessica said, “Daisy must be scared to death at her home right now…” Melissa said, “Why did we let her see that…” Melissa asked, “We didn’t know Daphne was dead…” Jessica replied, “I’m sorry… It’ll be fine! We’ll be fine..” Jessica replied, Melissa lied on her bed and Jessica lied next to her. “Why are you lying with me?” Melissa asked, “I feel bad, I wanna keep you safe! You are my cousin after all” Jessica said, “Thank you.” Melissa said.

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