A Babysitting Horror

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It’s my fault

Jessica woke up next to Melissa, She yawned “wow, I slept nice.” Jessica said, “Me too!” Melissa said, Jessica’s phone rang on her dresser. “Who would be calling at 8:30?!” Melissa asked, “I don’t know.” Jessica said walking over to the phone, She picked up the phone “Hello, Ms. Jessica Emerson, Your boyfriend Levi Caddel was hospitalized last night due to being stabbed 3 times in the stomach. He wants you to come to check up on him…” The receptionist to Florence Hospital said, Jessica gasped and covered her mouth. A tear streamed down her face, “O-O-Okay….” Jessica stuttered, Jessica stood there in shock. “What? What’s wrong?” Melissa asked, “It’s Levi… He was stabbed last night…” Jessica said, with her eyes widened and her voice soft. Jessica grabbed her coat and walked out the room. Melissa followed her, grabbing her coat as well. The snow was coming down. It only just started snowing. She grabbed her keys and got in the car. She opened the door and sat down. She opened the passenger door for Melissa. “Cmon…” Jessica said. She started driving. It was a while later and they reached Florence Hospital, Jessica opened her door and stepped out of the car. Melissa saw her and got out, “You think Levi will be okay?” Melissa asked. “I hope…” Jessica said looking down in sadness, Jessica walked towards the hospital with Melissa. They went inside the Revolving Doors and stepped inside, Jessica ran up to the receptionist “Where is Levi Caddell’s room?!” Jessica asked the receptionist frantically, “Room 102, Floor 2” The receptionist replied sweetly, “Thanks.” Jessica said frantically, She ran to the stairs and ran up the stairs in fear. She saw room 102 “There!!” Jessica shouted, pointing at the door. Jessica sprinted to the door and opened it, She saw Levi hooked up to a Heart Rate monitor, He had a tube up his nose to help him breathe. He had a I.V stand next to his bed holding a I.V that had a tube hooked into his arm. Levi was lying in the hospital bed, He turned his head slowly to look at Melissa and Jessica. “BABE! Are you okay?” Jessica shouted, running to Levi, She sat next to him and held his hand. Nathan was sitting next to him, “Hey, Melissa….” Nathan said downly, “Hi, Nathan.” Melissa said, Sitting beside Nathan. “He is allowed to leave in 6 days!” Nathan said excitedly, “That’s great!” Jessica said happily looking at Nathan, “Oh god, I’m sorry…” Jessica said, putting her head on Levi’s hand.

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