A Babysitting Horror

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6 Days Later

Levi stepped outside the hospital. He picked up his Motorola Flip Phone and dialed Jessica’s number. “I’m okay… Please pick me up!” Levi said to Jessica over the phone, It had been a few minutes and Jessica rolled up in her car, Melissa in the backseat. “Hey..” Levi said. “You feel better?” Jessica asked worriedly, “Yeah. Much better than a few days ago. That person that stabbed me… I never got a chance to see their face..” Levi explains getting into her car, “The police never caught them?” Jessica asked, Looking to the back of the car while backing up. “Even after… Daphne, Ava.. They still couldn’t find the killer?” Levi explained, “I know… It’s strange, How anonymous is the killer?” Jessica said, Levi’s phone started ringing. It was Nathan, “Hey! Yeah, We are going over to Jessica’s. Yeah, Melissa is coming too! Okay, See you.” Levi hangs up the phone and sets his flip phone in his pocket. “Who was that?” Melissa asked, “Nathan. He was wondering if he can come hang out with us since I am out of the hospital.” Levi said. Jessica pulled up to her house, which wasn’t far from the hospital. “Were here..” Jessica said, Turning off the running car. Levi and Melissa stepped out, Nathan sprinted towards them from the sidewalk. “H-H-Hey.” Nathan says panting as he walks over to them. “Let’s go inside.” Melissa said, Melissa walked beside Jessica towards the house. They stepped inside the house, Nathan looked at Melissa and flashed a pretty smile. She flashed a smile too, “When are you going to go baby-sit for the Johnson’s again?” Melissa asked, “Probably tonight… She said it was okay to take a break for a bit” Jessica explained to Melissa, “Alright.” Melissa said, She went upstairs. Nathan followed Melissa, “You okay?” He asked, “I’m fine..” Melissa says, Melissa blushed and smiled. “Thanks for asking though.” Melissa said, She swung her arms over his shoulders and kissed him on the lips. His eyes widened, The kiss ended “Been wanting to do that for a LONG time.” Melissa said and Nathan felt very shy. What they both didn’t know was that the group was right next to them, Jessica dropped her coffee cup from the hospital. “I thought you had a boyfriend..” Jessica said, “I- I Do-I mean… I did…..H-He kinda broke up with me…. And- But- But- UGH! He’s such a JERK!” Melissa shouted, storming out the room. Levi started coughing “Oh god- I’ll be back-” Levi said, Covering his mouth and running to a bathroom. He couldn’t stand seeing his brother kiss somebody; better yet, his girlfriend’s cousin. Jessica laughed so hard at Levi’s reaction. Nathan stood there, embarrassed. He was shocked that Melissa kissed him, then how she reacted after. Nathan then runs after Levi “Brother! Are you okay?!” Nathan yells, his voice fading into the hallway where the bathroom was. “Hey… Melissa, are you alright?” Jessica said, comforting Melissa. “No!” she replied. “I made a fool of myself!” Melissa said, “You know he has a crush on you. Don’t hate yourself over this!” Jessica said, Levi made a loud cough “OH MY GOD LEVI!” Nathan said muffled, Melissa made a disgusted face at the sound. “Sounds like Levi isn’t having a good time.” Melissa said chuckling, “Yeah.” Jessica said Smiling. “It’s 10 PM, My babysitting job starts soon” Jessica said, Jessica got up. “I have to shower just before I go. Wanna come?” Jessica asked, “Yes.” Melissa says, Levi stepped out with Nathan, “God.” Levi muttered, Levi saw them and smiled. “We gotta go!” Jessica said, “Can I come with?” Nathan asked, “Yeah.” Melissa said.

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