A Babysitting Horror

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The Babysitting

Melissa, Jessica and Nathan arrived. “Hey!” Mrs. Johnson said. “Hi.” Melissa said, “Hey” Jessica said, “Hello” Nathan said. They all went inside, “Bye!” Mrs. Johnson said, “Goodbye.” They all said, Melissa sat down on the couch with Nathan. “So, Uh. What do we do?” Jessica asked, “Drink something?” Nathan said, He sat up and headed to the fridge. He opened the door and grabbed a beer, “Beer? Really?” Melissa said, “Yeah.” Nathan said. Jessica laughed, The phone rang. “I’ll get it.” Jessica says, Heading to the phone. She grabbed the phone “Hello?” Jessica said, “Hey There, Girl. I’m Coming, I’m telling you I’m coming.” The voice said, Jessica’s eyes widened, She covered the phone. “This is the person that Daphne talked to on the phone that time…” Jessica said, Her eyes started to water. She was in fear, “WHO ARE YOU?!” Jessica screamed, “Your worst nightmare and Daphne’s worst nightmare.” The voice said, “Don’t you dare speak of Daphne! YOU JERK!” Jessica screamed, “YOU KILLED HER! IT WAS YOU!!!” Jessica screamed, The person on the other line hung up on Jessica. She slammed the phone onto the receiver in anger, Melissa’s flip phone buzzed around in her pocket. “Oh, It’s James?” Melissa said, “Hi!” Melissa said. “Hey, Melissa. Uhh So Lance was in town. Did you know that? He has been in town since you came into town.” James said over the phone. Melissa’s eyes widened, “He’s in town?” Melissa said happily. “Yeah, Just wanted to let you know. See ya.” James said, Melissa hung up. Something fell upstairs, “Huh? I’ll go check that, Be right back guys!” Jessica said sprinting up the stairs.

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