A Babysitting Horror

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Missing Baby

“The baby is gone!!!” Melissa screamed, Jessica’s eyes widened and she gulped. “We have to find him!” Melissa screamed. Melissa looked out the window and saw the killer running away with Liam in his hands. “HE HAS THE CHILD!!” Melissa screamed running down the stairs and going after him. Melissa grabbed the guys arms but the guy elbowed her. “AH!!” Melissa screamed. Baby Liam was crying loudly, Melissa pushed the guy down on the sidewalk. Jessica was behind her and stepped over to grab the baby, Jessica ran inside to call the police. She called the police, Melissa looked at the guy. The guy got up and approached Melissa with his knife, Twirling the blade while holding the handle. The guy laughed, Melissa put both of her hands in the air towards the direction of the killer to block an attack. The killer abruptly slashed Melissa’s hand. “AHHH!!” Melissa screamed. Her hand had a big cut on it. “Owww!” Melissa yelled, The blood was coming out of the wound and dripping onto her clothes. A flashing light of red and blue stormed, It was the cops. Nathan stepped out and saw Melissa’s bleeding hand. Nathan saw the guy “You Monster!!!” Nathan tackled the killer, “Police! Arrest him!!!” Nathan screamed. A cop by the name of “June” grabbed the killer, She grabbed his mask and pulled it off. The face under the mask was so familiar to Melissa, it was Lance’s face on the other end. Melissa looked at Lance and her eyes widened, She began to tear up and she began to sob at the sight of her former boyfriend being the murderer. Jessica looked at Lance and tensed her fist, She ran up to him and punched him straight in the face hard enough to leave a mark on his right cheek. “No need for that!” Officer June said to Jessica. They grabbed Lance and put him in the cop car. They all drove away and Jessica looked at Melissa, “IT WAS LANCE!” Melissa screamed in anger and sadness. “I know…” Jessica said. “We have to get home… Cmon..” Jessica said getting up and walking.

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