A Babysitting Horror

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The End Of The Chaos

Jessica lied down on her bed, She looked at Daisy next to her. “Sorry… I can’t believe Lance was the culprit for killer Daphne..” Jessica said to Daisy. “It’s okay, It’s not your fault!” Daisy said. Melissa looked at them and looked down, “I have to stay in Florence forever… My mom said I have to live here now…” Melissa explained. Jessica’s eyes widened, “Wow.” Daisy said. “I Got a therapist recently. I am meant to stay at a halfway house in town for a while. It’s like therapy for my trauma and others that have gone through stuff are staying there as well so I might make new friends.” Jessica explained. Daisy looked down. “I’m Sorry.” Jessica said. “We have to make the most of it in this place.” Jessica said. Melissa smiled.

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