A Babysitting Horror

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On The Job

When the girls got to Mrs Johnson’s home they were thinking it was going to be a peaceful night. Boy was they wrong, “Hey, Mrs Johnson!” Jessica said sweetly, greeting Mrs Johnson at the front door, “Hey there, Jessie!” Mrs Johnson said leaning in for a hug. “Who is your friend?” Ms Johnson kindly asked Jessica. “I’m Ivy, but I go by Melissa,” Melissa said, reaching out for a handshake. She continued. “It’s my middle name but you can call me whichever you prefer.” “Ok, melissa! Since you are with Jessie, I’m sure I can trust you here” Mrs Johnson said, holding the door open for the girls.

They walked and greeted the baby. ‘Jessica was right! This baby is cute’ Melissa thought to herself. “What’s his name, Mrs Johnson?” Melissa asked. “His name is Liam, ” Mrs Johnson answered. “That’s a cute name,” Melissa said, still playing with the baby. Liam gurgled and cooed as Melissa played with him. She smiled. She’d never seen a baby as cute as that before. She was in awe. “Okay, girls. I gotta leave now!” Mrs Johnson said, “oh okay! Bye, Mrs Johnson!!” Jessica and Melissa called out as she walked out the door. This is when the fun started.

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