A Babysitting Horror

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Home Already?

Melissa sat on the couch as Jessica went to get some baby food and popcorn. “Good thing Mrs Johnson lets us use the TV!” Jessica said from the kitchen. “We can finish our movie!” Melissa nodded. “Yes, even though you’re completely terrified it seems,” Melissa said, chuckling. Jessica went over to the coffee table and sat down the popcorn on the coffee table. She headed to the wall phone and dialled a number. “Hey, what are you up to handsome?” She said into the phone. Mellisa grounded “Will you get off the phone already and watch the movie?”

She said. Jessica ignored her. “Sure you can come over, I’m sure Mrs Johnson won’t mind.” she was silent for a second. “Your brother? Sure. Fine by me.” Jessica put the phone back on the wall. “What was that about?” Mellisa said. “Did you just allow your boyfriend, Levi, to bring friends over? What are you thinking? We are babysitting!” Jessica laughed. “He’s smart, I’m sure there won’t be that many people. Relax.” About 15 minutes later, There was a knock on the door “Oh! That’s probably Levi!” Jessica said cheerfully sprinting to the door. She grabbed the doorknob and opened the door, Levi was standing on the front porch with his brother “Hey, handsome.” Jessica said, leading him into the house, “Hey, Beautiful!” Levi said He had curly brown hair, he was currently wearing a red flannel shirt, Khakis and moccasins. ‘He’s tall…’ Melissa immediately decided when she had to look up to see his face. Jessica and Levi sat in a chair together, Levi put his arm over Jessica’s shoulder. “Well… Baby Liam hasn’t cried at all yet..” Melissa muttered, Levi’s brother sat on the chair next to Melissa, “Hey, I’m Nathan.” Levi’s brother said to everyone, Nathan was wearing a Red T-Shirt with blue jeans and a belt and his hair was a dirty blonde with a cow-lick hairstyle. “I’m Ivy Melissa but you can call me either one,” Melissa said to him. “Ok then,” Nathan said laughing. “I’m gonna get some more popcorn since those two ate it all,” Melissa said heading to the kitchen. “Want some?” “Sure!” Nathan said. While Ivy was in the kitchen, she pulled out her phone to text her boyfriend, Lance.

Melissa: Hey, baby

Lance: Hey! What’s up?

Melissa: Nothing, just a bit bored, Jessica has me baby-sitting This baby while she makes out with her boyfriend!

Lance: Wow, are you at least getting paid?

Melissa: Yea, I am, not sure how much though.

Lance: Ah... I Miss you

Melissa: I Miss you too Lance

Melissa had been missing Lance more and more as the days went by. He and his family just moved to California. She was only turning 16 soon, but she feels like she’s in love. She put her phone away and brought the popcorn back to Nathan when she heard the microwave beep. “Here’s the popcorn” she mutters, not so happy. Nathan grabbed the popcorn. “What’s wrong? You were so cheerful before.” “Nothing really,” she said, sitting on the couch next to him. “It’s just Lance and his family moved to California about a month ago, I just miss him that’s all” “Oh, you have a boyfriend?” Nathan said, taking a handful of popcorn. “Yea,” Melissa said, taking some popcorn as well. Jessica chuckled “You are so in love with Nathan!” Jessica teased Melissa. “Ok I will admit he is pretty cool, but I have a boyfriend,” Melissa said red as a rose. Nathan laughed at Melissa’s response to that “You’re pretty cool too, Mel!” Nathan said, Jessica, smiled and burst out laughing. Levi chuckled as well. Melissa was not happy about the whole situation. She tried to blow him off because it was obvious he was flirting with her when he knew she had a boyfriend. “Mel? What type of nickname is that?” She stormed off to the bathroom. Nathan was a bit embarrassed, but he tried to act like nothing happened when she got back. Everyone ended up falling asleep… except the baby. Liam started squealing when he realized Mrs Johnson was home. Jessica heard Liam and woke up. She saw the headlights in the driveway. As she ran around the room waking everyone up and turning on the lights she thought to herself. ‘Oh no, Oh no, Oh no, I have to fix this! I can’t ruin Mrs Johnson’s image of me!’ Jessica thought freaking out. Everybody was upright before Mrs Johnson opened the door. “Hey, Mrs Johnson!” Jessica said, pretending nothing happened. “We did invite my boyfriend and his brother to help with Liam if you don’t mind.” Jessica said worriedly that Mrs Johnson would be irritated with her “Oh no, it’s ok as long as I don’t have to pay them too!” Mrs Johnson sweetly jokes. “Thanks, guys, here’s your pay,” she said handing both Jessica and Melissa $25. “Thank you” they both said. They all left as quick as they could. When they got back to Jessica’s house, they sighed. “That was a relief you woke us up, Jessica,” Melissa said. “Yea” Jessica replied. “That it was”. Jessica said

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