A Babysitting Horror

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Jessica was lying on her bed reading The Joy Luck Club, She was in dotted Pajamas. “Jessica!!!” Ms Emerson called, “Yeah, Mom?!” Jessica shouted back to her mom, “I and your father and I are going out tonight, please be good!” Ms Emerson called from downstairs, “Okay!” Jessica said. Melissa walked to the doorway of Jessica’s room and leaned on the doorframe. “So what are we going to do tonight?” Melissa said jokingly. “What do you mean? I will stay here reading like I was doing before!” Jessica said. “Yea right by the end of the night, the house will be trashed. What are you doing tonight?” Melissa asked. Jessica put her book down and sat up “I don’t know… Maybe just invite over Levi and Nathan, maybe even his friends.” Jessica said. She looked at Melissa smugly. “Really?” Melissa asked “I knew you were up to something. Why can’t we just have a relaxing night?” Melissa said. “Relaxing nights are for babies,” Jessica said laughing. “It’s only the 2nd night of summer, Lighten up some!” Jessica’s pink phone case bounced around on her dresser as it rang. “Huh? I think that’s probably Levi…” Jessica said getting up from her bed and picking up the phone. “Hey, Handsome... Oh yeah! You can come over, Nathan too?? Okay... No, I don’t think Melissa minds if he comes over…. Your friends? Yeah okay, that’s cool.” Jessica said talking to Levi over the phone. Melissa heard and knew it was gonna be a full-blown party in this house. “Seems like you’re throwing a party,” She said. “But who am I to judge... It’s your house! But I’m not coming downstairs if the house is packed, you know I don’t like to be around people that much” “Yea, yea, you and your social anxiety. You are gonna party.” Jessica said.

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