A Babysitting Horror

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The Party

Jessica grabbed the drinks and set them on the table, She grabbed some food and set it down next to the drinks. “Phew... I think we are ready.” Jessica said backing up to see the overall view of the table. “MELISSA!” she shouted. “Get down here!” When Melissa got downstairs, The house was already full of people. She felt so embarrassed. “I’m still in my pyjamas! Why didn’t you tell me people were here!?” She whispered to Jessica. Jessica just looked confused and shrugged. Mellisa ran upstairs to get changed. As she threw clothes out of her suitcase, looking for something to wear, her mind was racing. ‘I hope nobody saw me in my onesie! That would be horrible!’ she thought. ‘Why didn’t Jessica tell me people were here!? I need to look presentable at least!’ She was freaking out, still throwing clothes around the room. ‘This is a disaster!’ By the end of her pity party, she found the perfect outfit to wear. She looked in the mirror, holding the dress up to her to see how it would look. “This. This is perfect!” Melissa said, She stripped off the onesie and put on her outfit. “Okay… I hope I look good!” Melissa said, still looking into the mirror. Melissa stepped down the stairs, Nobody noticed she was there. She felt embarrassed more than any other emotion, “C’mon Melissa!” Jessica called. When Melissa got downstairs Jessica started to announce something. . “OKAY EVERYONE!!!! DON’T YOU DARE MESS ANYTHING UP!” Jessica screamed at the people in the house. Levi saw Jessica in her dress. “You look great!” He said looking at her dress, He then pulled her close and kissed her. “You too!” Jessica said. Everyone in the house danced and partied the night away everything was going well until the clock struck 1:00 am.

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