A Babysitting Horror

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“AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Someone screamed. Melissa ran up to Jessica. “W-What was that?” she said fearfully. “I don’t know!” Jessica said, also scared. Jessica looked at all the people in the living room “O-Okay… Everyone stay here, Me and Melissa are gonna see where that came from!” Jessica explained, “Wait! I can come too right?”Levi said. He continued. “And Nathan?” “Y-Yeah…. I’m frightened, C’mon!” Jessica said. Melissa sighed and followed behind. Jessica heard it coming from next door, “N-Next door?” Jessica muttered She knocked on the door “HELLO!!??” She yelled. Nobody answered and she pushed the door open. “It’s open..”She said. She walked in on something horrific, She saw a girl dead on the ground in the middle of the corridor. She heard a child crying upstairs. “It’s…. Was she a B-Babysitter?!” Jessica screamed in shock, Melissa’s eyes widened as she stepped in. The smell of the fresh blood made everyone want to hurl. They looked around scared. “Where are you going?!” Jessica called to Melissa when she was half-way up the stairs. “The kid!” She yelled back. “If it saw this girl get killed it has to be traumatized.” Melissa kept running up the stairs and into the room where she heard the child crying. Melissa saw a young boy sitting in the corner of his room in complete shock. He was balling his eyes out. “DON’T HURT ME!” he shouted at Melissa. She walked to him slowly to assure him she was no threat. “I won’t... It’s ok… Where are your parents?” she said trying to seem as nice as possible not scare him. “M-My parents are at work…. They won’t be back for HOURS!” He continued to cry. “Somebody int-this dirty old rugged shirt busted the door down and stabbed my babysitter!” The young boy said sobbing. Nathan came up the stairs with Levi, “We have to call the police!!” Nathan yelled, Levi looked at the young child. “We can help, don’t worry..” Levi said, Nathan went downstairs and gestured for Jessica to go to the phone. “You call the police…” Nathan said, “Alright!” Jessica said, going over to the wall phone. “Okay… 9-1-1” Jessica muttered as she dialled the cops. “Florence Police, What is your emergency?” The female dispatcher asked, “OH GOD! W-We heard screams coming from our neighbour’s house and we wnt inside to help but all we found was a woman dead, We think she was the babysitter of the young child here! We need your help right now!!!!!” Jessica said frightened, “Okay calm down miss, What is your name?” The female dispatcher asked, “uh, It’s J-Jessica Emerson!” Jessica said, “What is your location?” The female dispatcher asked, She told her location to the officer, “We will be there in approximately 15 minutes.” The female dispatcher said, Jessica, put the phone back and stepped away “Their coming…” Jessica said.

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