A Babysitting Horror

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Not Safe

Jessica sat on the ground, Levi and Nathan were talking and still scared. The police officers were searching for things. “The person didn’t use a weapon?” The police officer asked, “The weapon isn’t here.” The police officer told Jessica, A woman and a man burst into the house from the front door. “Are you okay Dear?!” The woman asked the young boy, “Thank you so much, Miss!! He wouldn’t have known what to do if you weren’t here!” The woman said to Melissa, “No problem, Ma’am.” Melissa said, “What’s your name?” The woman asked, “Oh. I’m Melissa.” Melissa said, “I’m Caddie Winchester but you can call me Mrs Winchester.” The woman said. The young boy shivered from fear. “His name is Aiden.” Mrs Winchester said. “The babysitter’s name was Ava Hutchinson, she was killed by an unknown killer…” The police officer said, the police had left with no evidence of who killed Ava Hutchinson.

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