A Babysitting Horror

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The Horror Upstairs

Jessica was sitting on her bed, painting her nails. Everyone in the house had left and her parents hadn’t been mad at her and Melissa for throwing a party. Jessica was painting her nails red & Black, Her pink phone on her dresser rung. “Huh?” Jessica muttered, she walked over to the phone and picked it up. “Hey!!!” A voice said, “Daphne?” Jessica said, “We heard about what happened, can we come over?” Daphne asked, “Daisy wants to come too.” Daphne said, “Okay sure,” Jessica said, It had been 1 hour later and Jessica heard her doorbell ring. She opened the door, “hey” Daisy said, Daphne and Daisy stepped inside. “I have a Baby-Sitting job in an hour…” Jessica said to Daisy and Daphne, “Can we come?” Daphne asked, “I guess so… Melissa and my boyfriend Levi are coming’ too.” Jessica said, Daphne, looked at Jessica. “Are you okay?” Daphne asked, “yeah… I just feel so horrible for Ava… I didn’t even know her..” Jessica said, “We should go upstairs..” Jessica said, Daphne headed to the stairs and started stepping upstairs, She reached the top and screamed.

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