A Babysitting Horror

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Bad Memories

Daphne was standing there afraid, Jessica went upstairs to see what was wrong. All she saw was Melissa unconscious on the floor, Her head had a bruise on it, “Melissa!!!” Jessica yelled, Melissa slowly got up “huh? Oh god… I just fell unconscious and I think I hit my head…” Melissa explained, “Do you still wanna come to my Baby-Sitting?” Jessica asked, “Yeah, Of course, I can never leave you alone!” Melissa said, “We gotta go!” Jessica said, “Okay!” Daphne said, “I gotta tell Mrs Johnson that Levi and you guys are going to!” Jessica said, They went to the house and knocked on the door. “Hey, girls, Who are these two?” Mrs Johnson asked, “Oh, that’s Daphne and Daisy, two of my best friends.” Jessica said, “Well, Okay. I am NOT going to give them any money though!” Mrs Johnson said jokingly, “Liam is awake, you guys can play with him. Make sure to feed him too!” Mrs Johnson said, Mrs Johnson headed out the door, “Bye girls!” Mrs Johnson said, “Bye!” All of them said, Daphne went upstairs and held Liam. “Do you guys have the baby formula?” Daphne asked, “it’s in the fridge,” Jessica said, Daphne went over to the fridge and grabbed the baby formula. She fed Liam and set him back in his crib, The phone immediately rang “It’s probably Levi!” Jessica said excitedly running to the phone, she picked it up “Hey There, Girl. I’m Coming, I’m telling you I’m coming.” The voice on the phone said, “Levi?” Jessica said The person on the other line hung up the phone. “T-That wasn’t Levi-” Jessica said frightened, “It was probably a prankster, Like Donnie? It’s probably Donnie.” Daisy said, “Yeah… Maybe you’re right, Daisy.” Jessica replied. The phone rang again. “S-should I answer it?” Jessica asked. Daphne stepped over to Jessica and grabbed the phone “Who is this?” Daphne said into the phone. “Your worst nightmare,” the voice said. The person on the other line let out a huge cackle then hung up. Daphne was sorta freaked out by the sudden end to this mysterious call. The phone rang again, Daphne grabbed the phone aggressively “WHOEVER-″ Daphne shouted. “dude! Chill!!!” Levi said over the phone. Melissa and Jessica were shaking in their boots. They were both shivering on the bed next to each other. “W-were going to die,” Melissa said. Jessica was silent. She didn’t know what to say. “Wow, Daphne. It’s me, Levi, I was gonna ask if I could come tonight!” Levi said over the phone. “Then was the last call to you too!?” She yelled back. “No? What call?” Levi said. “Well someone called us sayin’ stuff like ’I’m coming,’ and ’I’m your worst nightmare‴ ” she replied. “You guys need to get out of that house!” He shouted “I don’t know what’s going on, but I don’t know if it’s safe there! Come over to my place.” He hung up the phone. “We have to stay here, We can’t leave…. It’s my job!” Jessica shouted, “Just grab the baby!” Daphne said “We will tell Mrs Johnson we went on a trip and we will be back before she arrives! Just come on!” Daisy said, “NO!” Jessica yelled, “I can’t ruin her perfect image of me! If she finds out she will never let me babysit again!”She said. Jessica sat on the edge of the bed and didn’t move. She grabbed her phone and texted Levi.

Jessica: LEVI!!

Levi: What? What’s wrong?

Jessica: You have to come over here! To Mrs Johnson’s house. I can’t leave. I don’t wanna get killed like the other baby-sitter! If there is someone out there killing I don’t want to leave!

Levi: Ok! Ok! I’m on my way. Be there in 5.

“Levi will be here soon,” Jessica said, setting her phone down. “He’s coming here?” Daphne said, confused. “Yea!” Jessica said. “If there is someone out there killing babysitters I don’t want to leave or go outside at all! You guys Have to stay with me too! Don’t leave me alone!” Jessica yelled, pacing the room, freaking out. “Ok!” Daphne said. “We understand. We won’t leave you. Now calm down!” She was a bit scared too but was putting up a front to try to keep the others calm. Levi climbed through the kitchen window, “OW!” Levi said falling on the floor. “AH,″ Jessica shouted. “SOMEONES HERE!! HIDE!” Everyone ran around the room, getting under beds, hiding in the closet, grabbing shoes, and other things to defend themselves. When Levi stepped in the living room he yelled: “IT’S ONLY ME!!!” Jessica realized and went over to him. “You scared the light out of us!!!” Jessica yelled. “What’s your problem!?” She screamed at him while hugging him. She looked over his shoulder and saw the opened window. She punched him in the chest. “YOU CAME IN THROUGH THE WINDOW?!” she shouted. “I thought the killer would stab me in the back or something if I was on the porch!! I’ve seen TONS of horror movies, Jess!” Levi said. Jessica got everyone out of their so-called ’Hiding Spots’ and reassured them that it was just Levi, “There are Beer, Coca Cola and some other drinks in the fridge.” Jessica said, “UGH BEER!?!?!?” Daphne said disgusted, She gagged and almost hurled. “Don’t you dare vomit on the floor or I’m gonna kick you out!” Jessica said. Daphne sat on the couch and started tearing up at the thought of beer “I don’t wanna remember that…″ Daphne muttered on the verge of tears. “What are you talking about?” Melissa said. “If you don’t mind me asking-” she was scared of offending Daphne by these questions. Daisy looked at Daphne worried and wondered what was on her mind. “You okay?” Daisy asked. Tears were slowly streaming down Daphne’s eyes. “Y-yea I guess,” she said quietly. “It’s just... When I was younger... My parents always drank. Mostly beer... And they would neglect me for days… They would forget I even existed… forget to feed me.. Forget to take me to school... I had to walk... They forgot to tuck me in… I was only little but the thought and smell of beer bring back so many horrible memories.” She went quiet after that. A little while later she locked herself in the downstairs bathroom. “Daphne’s been gone for a while..” Jessica said. “Where is she anyway?” Daisy added. “Not sure..” Jessica mumbled. She got up from her chair. “Let’s look.” They eventually approached the door and heard her softly crying. “D-Daphne?” Jessica said standing next to the door. “You ok?” “I’m fine.” She said abruptly. “I’ll be out in a second.” She cleaned herself up and joined them in the living room, playing with the baby as nothing had happened.

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