The Zombie Prophecies: First Light

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Vicky was sitting in an alley. There was a charred couch that had been thrown from the tower in the explosion, and she graciously took one of its cushions to get a little more comfortable. The couch wasn’t the only bit of rubble though, it was everywhere. Many of the shops and buildings had been shattered as well, if not directly from the explosion then by the shrapnel of the aftermath. She watched the crater in the center of it all until finally the others arrived.

“What happened?” Lila yelled as she threw herself from her bike and fell to her knees. “Charles...”

“Who could have done this?” Noah asked, removing his helmet and stepping to Lila’s side.

Daryl and Corrigan leapt off their bike and stared at the rubble. Corrigan began to tear up as he fell to the ground beside Lila.

“Eden,” he said, putting his hands over his face. Daryl knelt down beside the teen and rubbed his back.

“What about Vicky?” Noah said, growing nervous.

Lila didn’t even look up from her grieving as she pointed to a dark side street, directly at Vicky.

“I’m fine,” Vicky said as she approached. “I heard you coming and came to meet you. Probably shouldn’t loiter too long, looks like you attracted some unwanted guests.” She nodded her head toward the other side of the street and the others followed her gaze. There were a few stumbling zombies shuffling out of alleyways, not enough to pose a threat now but their numbers tended to grow quickly these days. Luckily they didn’t seem coordinated enough to navigate the field of debris.

“Where’s Cynthia?” Noah asked.

“At my place... err... my old place here in the city. I left her with Harley,” she added as Noah stared hard at her. “That’s where we’ll have to go. She’s still unconscious and we’re going to have to come up with some sort of plan.”

Lila stood, done with her moment of grief, and turned to Vicky. “Lead the way,” she said but was cut off by the squealing, screaming sound of Felicia calling her zombie hordes to attention.

“Again?” Vicky’s eyes grew wide. She was exhausted, but she welcomed another opportunity to face off with the monster.

“She must have followed us,” Noah grumbled as they all climbed back onto the motorcycles. “She’s nothing if not persistent.”

“What are we doing?” Daryl demanded and Vicky looked from him to Lila, who shrugged.

“We have to get out of here,” Lila said. The zombies who’d been approaching from the alley were starting to move quicker, jerking with more purpose as they started to find their footing.

“What about Cynthia?” Vicky demanded.

“We leave her,” Lila said and Vicky tried to protest. “It’s the only option. She’s unconscious and she can’t ride a bike. We’ll come back for her when we’ve taken care of this thing.” Lila was beginning to sound frustrated, as though the events of the last few days were finally wearing on her.

“We can’t leave her!” Vicky said.

“We have to!” Lila retaliated, starting the engine of her bike. “She’ll be fine if they’re coming after us. It’s her only chance.”

Vicky stared at Lila, struggling to decide her course of action. She could see the zombies pulling each other back now, each eager to be the first to reach them and she pushed Noah back along the seat of her bike as she mounted in front of him and ignited the engine. “Fine! But after I kill that beast, I’m coming back for Cynthia.” Vicky tore off with Noah struggling to stay on the seat. Lila, Daryl and Corrigan following close behind.

Felicia screamed again from somewhere in the distance and walls of vicious, grunting, blood thirsty zombies pressed towards them. Noah fired his hand gun from his position behind Vicky and Corrigan did the same from behind Daryl but it seemed like a lost cause. There were too many zombies in the city and they were coming from every direction.

All three bikes swerved to a stop as Daryl, Lila and Vicky drew their weapons and fired their quick bursts of rapid fire, carpeting the zombies with bullets.

“We’re never getting out of this alive,” Lila stated with no emotion. To her, Vicky knew, it was just another unavoidable truth.

“No sense crying about it,” She said, emptying a clip and quickly moving to reload. “We just gotta take as many of them with us as we can.”

“Don’t you get it?” Corrigan gulped, firing a little less confidently at the straggling undead who managed to scream their way a little closer to the group. “They’re already dead! They’re taking us with them!” Just then, the sound of metal twisting and glass breaking greeted them as Felicia leapt onto a car in the packed street. She propelled herself forward and landed on top of another car, whose alarm went off as she collapsed the roof.

“Come and get some!” Vicky screamed as she ran towards Felicia, cutting a path through the crowd of zombies with her assault rifle.

“Vicky, no!” Noah called after her.

Ignoring him like she always did, she unstrapped the shovel from her back, reaching the line of undead that surrounded Felicia. She swung hard, knocking the first couple over as Noah chased after, firing at other zombies who reached out for her. Vicky made it to the cars and climbed up on one. She stared down the beast and yelled, “Come on! Let’s end this!”

Felicia turned to look at Vicky, her oversized jaw snapped open and closed, dripping hot strings of saliva. Her huge teeth glinted and she stood on two legs, stretching her arms back she screamed and the zombies started to ignore Vicky, turning their attention to the others.

“Vicky! Get back here!” Noah called out, taking the hammers from his belt as the zombies came too close. He slammed one into the nearest skull and felt a hand grope his back. Spinning around, he smashed the temple of another undead attacker.

Felicia glared at Vicky, the two of them stood their ground on top of their automobile pedestals.

“I don’t know what you want, but let me tell you what I want: you, dead, and your pretty little teeth strung around my neck.” Vicky pulled a pistol from her hip and shot at Felicia, the beast leapt sideways and then propelled forward. Vicky hopped from the roof of the car, landing on the hood, then leapt onto the trunk of the next car. Felicia missed her and slammed into the side of a truck in the other lane.

Vicky unloaded her clip into Felicia and the beast bled thick, oozing black blood but seemed otherwise unaffected by the hot metal piercing into her body. Vicky withdrew her second pistol but before she could fire again Felicia swiped at Vicky’s feet from the ground and Vicky lost her balance. She felt a huge clawed hand wrap tightly around her ankle and started firing on the beast again. She was lifted into the air and then slammed into a nearby car, sending shooting pains up and down her body. Panic had finally come to her. “Noah!” She cried as Felicia climbed onto the cab of a tall truck and turned to the rest of the humans, still holding Vicky in the air by the ankle. She screamed out again and the zombies stopped their attacks.

Felicia grunted and hissed. She snapped her jaw and looked from Lila and Noah to Daryl and Corrigan, her gaze lingering on Corrigan a little longer than the others. His eyes closed, and he started shaking.

“She wants the kid,” Corrigan said, though he looked like he had lost consciousness. “If we go, she’ll leave us alone but she wants to show us what happens if we get in her way.”

Felicia held Vicky in the air and Noah tried to sprint forward but the zombies held him back. Felicia turned her head towards him and made a hungry, guttural sound. The zombies around Noah sprang into action and grabbed hold of his arms, Noah fought against them and Lila attempted to help but every zombie turned their intense focus toward stopping Noah from getting any closer to Felicia.

Vicky cried as Felicia’s huge hand tightened its grip around her ribs. Noah continued to lash out at the zombies who held him back but Vicky knew it was no good. It was over, she’d fought hard but this was the end. Maybe she’d see Jessica again.

“I love you!” She yelled to Noah but the beast bellowed a ferocious, territorial sounding scream and Vicky screamed along with her, falling silent as her body was swung through the air and slammed against the dead cars again and again, snapping bones and puncturing organs as Felicia swung her around like a child with a rag doll.

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