"I Can't Let You Search That"

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---The phone’s LED emitted a bright glow in the dark. The LED lit the whole room, which was covered wall to wall with blood. The phone made an unholy sound as its Battery Meter flashed across the screen, 0%.---

The text sent to the phone was a word. Duality. After I received the message, I typed "What?" into the Google Search Bar, which was followed by "I Can't Let You Search That". Then, I typed "Where?" into the Search Bar. This time it worked. A navigation display started up. It displayed the coordinates 34.1878◦ N, 99.594◦ W. So I left, once again, for the coordinates.

It was going to be a long walk so I decided to hitchhike, and an unfortunate soul decided to pick up hitchhiker. She told me her name was Alexis. She was young. She was visiting her family in the South. She was on the last leg of her journey. We stopped for the night in a town about 10 miles from my preset destination.

That night Alexis died. Someone broke into her hotel room and strangled her. She was going to visit family. She didn't make it.

So once again I left. I always leave.

I was only 5 miles away from this obscure location when the phone made an unholy sound, I looked at it to see a battery meter in the top right corner of the screen. That had not been there before. The battery looked to have only 37% left in it. What would happen when the battery drained completely I wondered? I typed in Battery? into the Search Bar, which was met with one message. SOON.

What was soon? I wasted a half year of my life, and left a trail of bodies in the wake of figuring out this phone. I felt at that moment soon was not going to be soon enough. I continued walking.


When I reached the destination I was met with an empty shell of a town. Only two buildings were left standing, and a sign that said Medicine Mound: Population Zero but the Zero was crossed out in a dry brown substance. Under the crossed out Zero was the word YOU, written in the same dried brown substance.

So I had arrived in Medicine Mound.

Suddenly I saw it. I knew where I was. I knew why I was there. It was the safe. The safe I had buried the phone in, which was now laying in the middle of the street, was the goal of bringing me here.

The safe was covered in the same dried brown substance that was on the sign. On closer inspection one could tell it was blood, but whose?

In the blood was scratched four numbers, 4-3-3-6, which was in fact the combination I had set for the safe. This meant someone wanted me to open it. I entered in the combination, and opened the safe. Almost immediately I was hit with a wall of odors so disgusting one could hardly describe. The contents of the safe had rotted in the heat, and the rotting object was barely recognizable, until I realized it had no throat. It was my cat.

As soon as I recognized it, my pocket vibrated, which meant another message. My body shook from the sight of the contents of the safe, but I read the text. The message read "I CAN Let You Search That". Whomever was doing this had sick and awful sense of humor, toying with my thoughts. The phone vibrated once again, I had received four video messages.

-The first video was dark, it had no audio, I could make out very few shapes, and one of the shapes was a small animal being held above a kitchen sink, the other was a knife. Only then did I realize what the video was. It was too late. I had seen everything. I am not going to describe to you what had happened in the video, I hope to spare you the pain I had suffered from it.

-The second video had more light, but still no audio. I could make out the face of a man I had seen before. It was the clerk. From the small hotel I had visited weeks before. I could see he was angry, arguing with some unknown being. Then I saw the clerk crumple to the ground. He had been shot. The video stayed still, focusing on his lifeless. Minutes passed until another figure entered the scene. It was the officer, the one that had seen his fate hours before it had become true. All of a sudden his body crumpled in the same manor the clerks had. He landed in a pool of the clerk’s blood.

-The next video was of an intersection, again with no audio. In the video you could see an approaching semi-truck, and a minivan. I recognized that van. It belonged to the middle aged man and his family who gave me a ride close to the hotel. In the blink of an eye the semi-truck hit the minivan, which quickly erupted into flames. Burning the man and his family alive.

-The next video was Alexis. This one unfortunately had audio. She was asleep when a faceless man startled her, he proceeded to strangle the life out of her body. I heard every agonizing second of it.

Being able to bare it no more, I looked away. This was too much. My agony was rudely interrupted by an unholy sound. It was the phone. It stated the battery was left at 3%. At that moment of pure anxiety, I collapsed.

I awoke in a dark room. The phone was clutched in my hand. I turned it on. The background was a bright white, with the words SpencerLance written in the middle in a dark red. The phone’s LED emitted a bright glow in the dark. The LED lit the whole room, which was covered wall to wall with blood. In the blood was scratched six words over, and over again. I Can’t Let You Search That. The phone made one last unholy sound, as its Battery Meter flashed across the screen, 0%.

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