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The Dutch's Bottle

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If you are familiar with spirits or had encounters with them, you would know the intensity of emotions they always give you, it is nothing good. Being deprived of happiness from a small age made me different, always having the unborn latched to my back, holding me back from happiness, the only thing that stands between us seems to fade with time, As I struggle to keep my family safe, I lose some and win some, but the one thing I know, if someone don't save me from this, I might not be able to fight for anything. I could feel it behind me, trying to get a touch of my skin once more, only twice it had the chance to do that and both times I was scarred deeply, it holds no remorse for anyone that tries to get close to me. I looked up to see my face in the mirror and saw it there behind me, lingering almost smiling wickedly, I picked up my veil and stuck it in my hair, not before taking one last look at the Bolom and touching my glowing wrist.

Horror / Thriller
Sandy Ramnarine
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I always thought there was more than what meets the eye in this world, and I would know because of the things that I have seen while growing up. It was due to this that most times I always kept to myself, too afraid to let anyone in beside my parents, but even they were in danger as anyone else. They would know since they have the first encounters with the fiend that lives within us. After all, with no blame to them. They were the ones that brought it here, and it is not my fault it seems to have attached itself to me, small and feeble, unable to protect myself as a child who is growing. I know this story like the back of my hands, after all, it is my life story I would be retelling to you.

It took place before I was born. My mother who was and still going strong in her career as a nurse was like any other person, full of aspirations to see everything. She would always enjoy life to the fullest, and then she met my father, Dexter. His job being a surgeon started his practice after meeting Mother and soon after they fell in love and got married. With the thoughtfulness that my father shared with my mother, they decided to raise a family.

A few months later, my mother was pregnant, but it didn’t curb her love for adventure and to enjoy the spices that life would bring. She wanted to go strong and to continue it all. She had seen so many places with my father, and they enjoyed it immensely.

That was until she had gotten the opportunity to see a resort in the mountainous area of Pakariama. It was the Pakariama mountain resort. She had noticed the small note at the bottom of the article that it would be a couple’s retreat. She opted for the idea to Dexter for them to go immediately after she made all the necessary arrangements.

“Sweetheart, look. I have everything fixed and in place, all we need to do is pack and go.”

“I don’t feel right doing this. I don’t think you could be able to travel to the jungle with a six months pregnant belly, either.”

“You can take care of me at the resort, we won’t have to do anything but with each other,” she said to him, hugging his chest.

“Do you hear yourself? I don’t think it is wise seeing how advanced you are, and you should not get mad at me. I am thinking about your wellbeing,” he said, looking at her red face.

“I am seven months pregnant starting today, and it would be nice to do something before the baby comes. It would only be for two weeks.”

“I just don’t see the point in going somewhere we could after the birth. Look, I hate fighting with you, but my mind is made up. Stay here and let me take care of you. I love you.”

“I love you too, but I made all the arrangements, I guess I should go cancel them before it is too late.”

“Sweetheart…,” He called out to her, knowing how upset she was.

“No, it's fine. I should do it now.” She said, leaving his arms and turning away.

Since Anna thought she would be going, she made sure to take all the things that would be necessary to wear, but now she sighs as one by one they go back into the drawers. She couldn’t help it when the tears rolled down her cheeks and she let them, what made her so mad was he didn’t give her a chance to persuade him. She had high hopes that Dexter would have agreed to go.

“Anna sweetheart, I didn’t think you would be this upset,” he said, coming to her and softly touch her arm.

“I am not upset. It is the hormones. Don’t worry too much about it.” She said trying to smile but she was hurt.

“I am always going to worry about you. Look, if this means so much to you, I guess we could go, only after I see what it is about.”

About an hour into the trip talking, she looked at him, and she smiled, Dexter could see what he was doing made her happy.

“I love you very much Anna and if this trip is what we need then so be it. But I am taking care of you until we get there, then you won’t have me breathing down your neck too much.” He said, feigning a serious face.

“Don’t forget that we have to call the airport, we require the flights to be ready for us,” Anna said excitedly.

“Oh, speaking of which, I have some amazing news, have you thought about any names yet?”

“No, not yet. I thought maybe we could wait until the baby comes?”

“I know, but that gives it no harm if we could think about it now?”

They were in the kitchen getting dinner prepared, and talking all the while, they work so well together with little to no fights, they play, and they kiss and makeup. To them, as long as they were together nothing could go wrong, they relied on each other. It was the most beautiful thing that anyone could see, and they made sure to always have each other’s back and to keep each other smiling.

They had dinner, they watched a show on television and when both feel tired, they turned the light off and headed to bed. The next morning awaits them, but it would be easier than the one they faced today. It is not everyday life that throws you a challenge that you don’t pass through with ease.

This is going to get interesting quickly. Everyone knows when calm stay too long, there would be a catastrophic storm following closely behind with torrential turbulence. The hardest part is…not knowing when it would happen.

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