Nightmare: Sanatorium

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The walls were white, the floors were white, the ceilings white, from the ceilings large armatures housed fluorescent tubes, further reinforcing the all-present white. Yet being there, waiting, the stench of death filled the air....

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Nightmare: Sanatorium

The walls were white, the floors were white, the ceilings white, from the ceilings large armatures housed fluorescent tubes, further reinforcing the all-present white. Yet being there, waiting, the stench of death filled the air. Even with all the nurses, all clad in the same white, even with the constant cleaning, the air was fetid with death. They had been brought over in a last-ditch attempt to prove that everything was okay. The “witch sisters” and their “baby visionary.” They were there to prove that there’s mostly bad luck here and nothing more, to show that everything was as clean as could be, that they did all they could, but they couldn’t save their patients.

A nurse, visibly depressed through the situation, escorted them to one of the rooms. The door opened and what appeared to be an elderly woman was lying there, her breath heavy and slow. Her skin grey and dry. The nurse turned the lights on and spoke slowly. “She’s been here for 3 months now, we’ve tried to slow the disease, but like most patients here, she’s not recovering.” She let out a deep sign and looked with pity at the woman, putting her hand on her shoulder, “we’re doing our best to make her time as comfortable as possible, the sweet soul. You wouldn’t suspect, but she’s only 45. She disease ages people.”

The witch sisters looked around, the older sister with the baby boy on her left shoulder, packed tightly against her, comfortable. The room seemed fine. The younger sister noted she saw no strange auras or anything out of place. The older sister looked around, her look stern. Several minutes later she mumbles an agreement. Both of them are amazed by the amount of white light everywhere, the cabinets, the beds, the chairs and tables, everything is white, a blinding white.

They approach the woman, the younger sister at her right side, the older sister at her left. They look at her, the bed sheets white, the pillow and the gown as well. They almost hurt to look at, the fluorescent light reflecting off of everything. “Should we try to make little Ben here try to see what’s going on?” The older sister undoes the gown of the boy and they both hang over the woman. Both of them start an incantation, “Child of light, open thy eyes and peer through the facade of reality....” The incantation continues and the boy slowly awakens.

He opens his eyes and ever one to fear, he doesn’t know either. A large dark figure stands over the woman, a creature of sorts. Folded up in a cocoon like shape, it’s tail hanging down and apparently attached to the woman’s neck. It’s surrounded in darkness. It appears to be breathing, he can see the shape slowly breathing in, and after a short pause, slowly out. While it’s breathing out, the air it breathes out radiates a darkness too. Some parts of the creature reflect and he can see that he’s folded up, its head wide and smooth, almost reflective. At the side of its head are what appear to be gills. Its smooth head runs down to about a quarter of it’s entire body, abruptly ending in what appears to be two large nostrils and what would appear to be a flat wide beak. Tightly packed into its body for the next quarter are what appear to be arms, two sets, slim and long. What appear to be claws with more talons than anything he’s seen before. The lower part of the body is dedicated to large legs, with two talons at its end. Below its body, the darkness that radiates appears to collect and congeals into droplets, every so often dripping on the poor woman below.

Both sisters have the sense that they feel something, they close their eyes and they double up on their incantations. They move the boy towards the creature. The shape of the boy’s face contorts as he inches closer. Up until the point that he’s no more than 2 inches away. The creature fills his entire view. While it’s texture becomes more apparent, the darkness is overwhelming. The creature appears to be breathing in deep and as the gills close, it pauses for a moment. Then it’s mouth opens and all he sees are rows and rows of teeth. The creature blows a dark cloud in its face. A dark chuckle follows as he sees the entire mouth end to end smile. The dark cloud, the putrid smell makes the boy cough.

The sisters awaken from their incantation as the nurse from before comes in. She notices the woman isn’t breathing anymore and rushes to check her pulse. The boy’s coughing passes as the older sister wraps up the boy again. “We checked but we couldn’t find anything. I think the boy coughed the woman’s last breath, I’m so sorry.” “Her heart has stopped,” said the nurse as she pulled the bed sheets over the woman’s face, “it’s okay, we knew it was one of her last moments.” She moves to find an orderly to take the woman to the morgue. Both sisters walk out, the directory waiting.

The boy looks around and sees a similar creature hovering over the other two patients waiting in the hallway, a darkness radiating, congealing, dripping and oozing, both their tails attached to their victims neck. The director walked to meet them, “Hi ladies, how have things been, did you notice anything out of the ordinary.” The sisters smiled and shook their heads, “director, it seems you’re just in a poor luck, you have a great facility here with dedicated people, that’s the best you could hope for.” The boy looked at the director, black wings appearing as though attached to his back and as though intertwined ropes leading to two eggs around his head, radiating a similar darkness. “I suppose that this is good news, anyway, I would like to thank you ladies for coming by, I hope that you will be able to get in touch with the newspaper soon. Our funding relies on our reputation and I hope you see that we’re doing our very best for our patients.”

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