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This story is about a new hospital opening and it being run down by a mysterious creature. patients that come to this hospital in a city in the United Kingdom go missing without a trace. The authorities came to solve this mystery but never did.

Horror / Mystery
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A New Beginning

January 4th, 1892
Told through the eyes of Tina Richman.

"I always wanted to help people that are injured sick or dying". When I grew up I just wanted to be the owner a new hospital more and more, as I aged into an adult, I took a job at a med care center only to observe how to hire doctors and other workers. I worked there to make money to build a large hospital that could hold so many patients at one time. I wanted my hospital to be one of the most top rated hospitals in all of the United Kingdom! I hosted many parties, events, and auctions to raise money to build my large hospice and it's all worked. I sold many well maintained things of mine. In the end I bought all the medical equipment I needed and payed construction workers to build my large hospital and I gave them a blue print of how to build it. It took about a few years to build my hospice, but it all came out immaculately".

May 14th, 1895,
Letter to Tina Richman

Ms. Richman, we would like to inform you that your hospital will soon be completed in two days. There is something we need to tell you when you pay us. We have good news and bad news for you. We will be glad to see you for our next meeting. Have a wonderful day.

- Lucas Danik

May 19, 1895,
Tina had a conversation with her best friend, Lauren Zinois. Lauren said that her grandmother had gotten sick and was coughing all the time. Lauren's eyes started to form tears and turned her face to hide the fact that she was crying. "I don't know what to do" Lauren sobbed as she pulled out a tissue to wipe her sad eyes. Tina said excitedly, "Well I have some good news for you and your lovely grandmother!"
Lauren looked up to listen to what Tina had to say that was so important. Lauren told Tina that she is ready to listen to what Tina had to say. Tina said, "The Good news is that I am building a hospital across town and since you are my best friend I will lend your grandmother all the medical help she needs."
Lauren hopped up off her seat to give Tina the most biggest hug she had ever given and whispered "thank you" in her left ear.

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