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Late Night Visitor

By willingtonegotiate All Rights Reserved ©


An Unexpected Visit

Okay, for starters, I live on a cul-de-sac, in a decent neighborhood. Probably easily the best neighborhood around for miles, taking in to account low crime rate and property value. I am not trying to act smug, I just feel like it makes what happened last night that much worse. So I live in a house with my girlfriend and my three kids ages 9, 8 and 6. I know I know that is scary in and of itself.

As you walk into my front door you find yourself in the foyer. Directly to the left leading down is a stairwell to our basement. It is a finished basement with two bedrooms a living room a bathroom, ahh well you get it, its basically like another little house down there. My two daughters share a bedroom in this finished basement. There is a door from the backyard leading into the basement. Back up to the foyer upstairs you see my bedroom straight ahead about eighteen feet and a little to the right. My son also has a bedroom on this level but it does not come into play that I know of at least. I am trying to give you the layout of the immediate area so you can try and understand just why I am creeped the hell out.

It all started around 2 a.m. last night. I woke up to hear what sounded like my alarm chime. You know that beep sound that comes on when a door or window in your house has been opened? Yeah that sound. It was light and almost could have imagined it. As for a moment I thought I did. So I laid there. Quiet in my bedroom, listening. Then as if t were lightning striking the side of my head, DING, DONG, yeah there was a drawn out pause between the ding and the dong. As if someone was holding their finger on my door bell but waiting to let it go. I lay there almost paralyzed, half asleep, trying to figure out why, what, who. Who the hell is ringing my doorbell this late at night?

I look at the clock and it says 2:08 a.m. I think I may as well let you know from here that I am a veteran and an avid hunter. I keep a shotgun and my Glock23 with flashlight equipped to it right by my bed. I grab my pistol flick on the light, load a round into the chamber and start to make my way to my bedroom door, slowly and on alert. I open my bedroom door, which would give me a direct line of sight to my front door, quickly and immediately start clearing the areas in my house I would expect someone to lay in wait. Stairwell looked clear and so did living room. My front door is decorative glass. You can see out of it but you cannot make out shapes very well, and for some reason my porch light is out. I always leave it on. ALWAYS.

In the darkness I can see a shape, more of an outline, moving in front of my door. I hesitate to shine my flashlight on the door as I do not want to give my position away. I quickly switch my light off. I take a look at the door once more. DING, DONG. Then the shape got close to the door and was pressing his face against the glass with his hands cupping his eyes on either side so as to get a good look. I shout out very loud, "Step the FUCK away from my front door, or I will shoot you in the Fucking head!" The figure at the door dropped both hands, stood straight up, then seemingly started to walk away towards my front yard near the garages.

I sit there in my bedroom doorway for just a moment waiting to make sure they were not heading back towards my front door. Just then I hear the door at the bottom of the stairs leading to the basement open and my oldest daughter call out asking what is wrong. I told her and her sister to run up the stairs and come into my room with my girlfriend. They both hustle into my room. I hustle from my bedroom to my sons room across the house, he is still asleep, like a rock. I grabbed him, carried him into the my bedroom where my girlfriend and two daughters were now huddled on my bed sitting in silence. I grab my shotgun, rack a round, and hand it to my now fully awake girlfriend. I tell her she knows exactly what to do if someone comes into that room to hurt them.I then head towards the door leading to the garage.

As I open the door, it is pitch black. I assure that all the garage bays are closed and I close the door. I head back now to my front door where the person was ringing the bell. It hit me like a ton of bricks. As I type this I am getting chills. The door was not only unlocked, but slightly ajar. Just barely. It was closed but you could basically just push it open. I then close it and lock it. When I closed it all the way, I noticed that it did not beep. You know the alarm beep. I realized then, that I must have awoken to this stranger opening my door, then for some reason ringing the damn doorbell.I am now on full out creepy mode.

I yell to my girlfriend to call the police and let them know there is a prowler at our home and they have tried to get into the house. I tell myself against better judgement that I need to go outside and make sure this guy is not trying to break into my neighbors house. So again I switch on my light and open the front door. I clear the front porch and my front yard. I make my way towards the driveway when I see him. He is sitting in my grass. I shine my light on this person to see he is facing away from me, hands outstretched behind him clutching at the grass as if he is hanging on to it for dear life. I shouted at him to get off my property and to move on. I let him know that I called the police and they were on the way. With those words he jumped, in one motion, to his feet and spun around looking at me. He shouted "Get the fucking light out of my fucking face please!!!"

I did not recognize this man, he was probably mid 30's and seemed very disheveled, barefoot, and very thin. His hair was shaven on the sides but long on top and stringy. It hung down to his collar. I could tell he was missing some teeth and his eyes almost seemed to evade my flashlight. I said "I am holding a gun, if you do not leave my property right now I will shoot you." He looked at me and grinned. He canted his head to the side, the way in which dogs do when they hear something they did not understand. He started walking towards me giggling and then stopped. He stood there, turned around, and sprinted down the street and through some hedges. I went back inside to ask my girlfriend if the cops were on the way and if she and the kids were okay. She said the cops were on the way and everything seemed fine inside.

As I sat there in my bedroom in the dark still, with my girlfriend and kids, I started to wonder what the hell this guy was thinking. Then, DING DONG, bang bang bang........ "Police department!" I walked to my bedroom door, peered out into the darkness at my front door and saw the flashing lights outside and two officers on my front porch. I sat my firearm down and came to the front door. I went outside and spoke with the police. I told them this story just as I have done here. I walked to my driveway with them, described the scene and showed them where the individual ran to. I gave a description and answered any questions they gave. As I stood there I heard what sounded like glass shattering. It was. It was my neighbors, two doors down, front window breaking and something was thrown out onto the front lawn. My neighbor ran out her door into the street screaming. She was visibly bloody and looked as if she had been attacked by a bear.

As I am starring at her, I hear the police scream "STOP RIGHT THERE!!!" "Get the fuck on the ground!!!" In my mind I am trying to figure out why they would say this to her, but I quickly realize they are saying it to the now naked stringy haired stranger running at us full speed with what looked like a turkey carving knife in his hands.POP POP POP POP POP POP...... gunshots rang out for what seemed like forever. The stranger winced, through his arms out in front of him as if to block the incoming rounds and then dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes. One of the rounds struck him directly under the nose. in between the mouth and the nose and that one must have killed him pretty quick.

This all happened in seconds but seemed like eternity. I ran back towards my front door to assure my family everything was okay. After tons of questions and more reports with the police I was able to go inside and sit with my family. I walk into my room, tell my girlfriend she can put the shotgun away and I sit on the edge of my bed. As I sat there trying to comprehend what had just happened, I noticed something. Something so simple and yet so soul shattering and terrifying.

There, lying at the foot of my bed, were a pair of black slip on shoes that I had never seen and had no business in my room. They were dirty and worn and covered in grass. Right at that moment, I realized, that this man had been in my house, and at one point sitting at the foot of my bed. I know he sat on my bed because of the grass and dirt on my sheets.Throughout the day we have noticed little things here and there, out of place. This has been an extremely traumatic day for my entire family and now my neighborhood. Make sure you lock your doors people. ALL OF THEM.

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