My Demon King

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Lucifer the demon king finds himself cursed by his creator for all eternity to search the entire world looking for the love of his life. Finding her is the easy part.. Convincing her that she is his queen becomes challenging each time..

Horror / Romance
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Chapter: 1

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He sat at the bar with pitch black hair dangling in his flawless face looking dark and mysterious.
"Just my type” I mumbled to myself.

His dark eyes stared at me as I took a seat next to him waiting for the bartender to serve my poison.
Lust oozed out from every pour of my body, the look on his face told me that he sensed it. His pink lips curled into a sharp smile as I returned the stare.

Within minutes he had me up against the bathroom wall pounding his thick hard dick in and out of me, his eyes intoxicated me to a point of no return.
"I want you to cum for me" he whispered into my ear as he slammed harder and harder ripping me to pieces.

As soon as he was done he picked up his pants, said "thanks" and left me standing there still coming down from the high he had just inflicted on me.

Had mother been right about me all along...?

She abandoned me in that God forsaken nunnery with all those snobs.
I can still hear her miserable voice, like a broken record playing over and over in my head.

"You will always be a dirty little girl Isabel," she yelled.

"Well, my stepfather made me a dirty little girl mother" I yelled back as my blood boiled over.

I was just sixteen when he came into my room that stormy night, mum worked a double shift.
"You're the most beautiful girl I had ever laid my eyes on Isabel." He said, his voice hissed like a lustful snake as he slithered his way under my purple fluffy blanket.

My lower region ached as he whispered sweet nothings into my ear. Fuck, was I an idiot to let him charm me for almost a year, that's until she caught him with his pants down and his dick in my mouth.

I don't think I could ever forget the look on her face…

Off to the nunnery I was sent to cleanse my soul from the blissful sin I had committed with her husband, my step-father.

Well he turned me into a whore and a whore I shall be...

Being under Miss Stephanie's care didn't stop me from seeing him, he would visit me once the Xanax took over, leaving her half lifeless body next to an empty space on their bed. Yes, it was wrong but at the time it felt Oh, so right, what did I know...?
I was a teen going through my teenage bullshit years crushing on a man almost twice my age.

His spiky face would tickle my cheek each time he rubbed his face against mine trying to get my attention, his toned muscles would lift me up from the couch and carry me into our loveden each time we were alone making him even more irresistible.

Those dreamy chocolate brown eyes would intoxicate me each time he stared at me while he penetrated his huge dick in and out of my once tight region.

"Don't worry baby it will hurt the first few times but I promise it will get better" he whispered on our first encounter.

His soft lips pressed against mine as soon as he found my moist opening, stopping me from crying out loud, he was right it hurt at first then became satisfying after the third night we spent together.

I would lay in bed and wait for him to devour me each night until it was time for him to sneak back into their room down the hallway.

She couldn't even tell that something had changed between us; he would graze my arm with his soft fingers as he walked by me or climb under the blanket with me as we all sat together watching a movie.

His fingers would play a faint melody against my clit until I was about to cum, teasing me just enough so that I could excuse myself and finish the deed behind closed doors.

He would whisper that stupid whisper laugh each time turning my face red from embarrassment then later on he would bend me over and spank me until my ass turned red, just for pleasing myself without him being there to witness what he called Beautiful. He was my first yet not my last.

As the years went by I found myself being dragged to parties by my best friend Willow. We were in the same situation, she had fallen head over heels for her vice principal Mr. Harrison. Of course, they were caught in his office with her spread across his desk like a porn star.

The crazy bitch bumped into me in the hallway; after a few punches we became inseparable. We even had a threesome once that's when I realized I hated sharing, I was selfish and wanted everything to myself.

As we grew up things changed. We called once in a while to check up on one another, our last call ended up in tears the bitch caught herself a shark.

Well here I am stuck in a rut waiting for my next fuck to come along because relationships aren't really my thing...

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