The Glass Cage

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A teenager girl finds herself kidnapped and trapped inside the "glass cage". She has no idea who took her or what they will do to her. What will happen once she finds out that she isn't alone in the cage? They have one thing in common. Hannah and Calvin will do anything to fight their lives to get away from a lunatic kidnapper.

Horror / Mystery
Megan J Wiley
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Chapter ONE


Everything felt very heavy… like I’m exhausted.

My eyelids were so heavy that I struggled to pry them open and when I finally could, the room was pitch black. Even though I couldn’t see a thing— not even when I placed a hand in front of my face— I still felt dizzy and disoriented.

“The… hell?” I moaned quietly. There was a horrible throbbing sensation on the sides of my head and I slowly grasped it in my hands, desperately trying to rub it away with my fingertips— like when I do with my migraines.

Have I been drugged or something?

Then I realized.

I have been kidnapped.

“Oh, shit!” I gasped, sitting up fast and crying out at the severe pain in the side of my neck. Quickly I rubbed at it, startled to discover that I could feel a small lump forming.

That’s when I remembered.

Someone had injected me.

Oh God… no, no, no!

In the grip of silent panic, my body began to shake and I could feel the goosebumps all over my arms, causing the hairs to stand up in an instant. I was unable to shut my widened eyes, the sound of my heartbeat pounding in my ears. Suddenly I was sweating, despite feeling cold.

Why have I been kidnapped?

“H-hello?” I stuttered, looking around the room.

I couldn’t tell how big this room was because it was too dark, except I could see the outline of some furniture near me. So far, I could see a bunk bed and… well, that’s it.

Wait, what’s the noise?

I stopped breathing for a second, hearing a quiet humming noise. My head craned to my left and I crawled on the cold floor toward the noise, getting louder as I got nearer. Then my right hand touched something hard and I squeaked in fright.

I was so freaked out that my whole body was trembling. For a second, I thought it was a person, but I couldn’t hear anything except my heavy breathing, nor could I see anything.

Nothing was happening.

With a shaky exhale, I reached out again and touched something blindly. My hand curled around a handle, so I pulled it open and my eyes squinted at the strong light.

“Mini fridge?” I whispered in disbelief.

Inside the fridge, I could see a few bottles of water, fresh fruit and various granola bars. I stared at it for a moment, wondering if my kidnapper is a healthy control freak or something. Then I shook my head and closed the door.

I need to get out of here!

“HELP!” I screamed.

My scream echoed around the room and it sounded so freaky, which definitely didn’t help with my anxiety issues.

“Where the hell am I? Is this a sick game or what?!” I sobbed a little. I couldn’t help it. A whirlwind of emotions ran through me and my whole body vibrated with fury, because I was not in the mood to be kidnapped or whatever this was.

Fuck this.

I scrambled to my feet and took a step forward blindly, suddenly hitting myself on a wall. I cried out at the pain on my nose and rubbed on it. My eyes were brimming with tears and I could hear myself breathing harder, struggling to get any air in my lungs.

Fear was crippling me.

“No… please…” my voice cracked as I dropped to my knees on the floor and sobbed harder.

Why am I here?

Am I going to be raped?

Have my organs harvested and sold on the black market?

“No!” I slapped my head, hating myself for having those horrible thoughts. Then I hear something through my crazy moment. Not what, but who. Someone was talking to me.

“Calm down please.”

I gasped out loud and whipped my head back and forth to find where the voice was coming from, but it was too dark. “Who’s there? Get away from me!” I shrieked.

A soft sigh sounded.

“I… can’t get away,” his voice strained.

“What?” I stammered nervously, putting my fists up to prepare myself in case someone attacked me.

“I would leave this cage if I could,” he sighed again. “I’m trapped like you.”

A chill ran down my spine.

“You… you’ve been kidnapped too?” I wiped the tears off my face and glanced around the room. This guy mentioned a cage, but I’m not seeing it. At least not in the darkness.

My hand reached out to feel the wall, the coldness sending a slight shock to my body. It reminded me of a window. I wondered if this was the cage.

A silent gasp escaped my lips.

“Yeah unfortunately,” he finally answered.

My head tilted to my right where his voice was coming from and I remembered seeing the bunk beds. How did I not see this coming? Two beds. One each for us.

Oh God…

“When?” I whispered.

“I don’t know,” he paused for a moment. “I lost count, but it’s been days. Maybe a week.”

I bit my bottom lip and cursed quietly.

“Were you injected too?” he asked.

“Yeah. This… person drugged me and the last thing I remember, I was being dragged to this van,” I sniffled, weeping silently.

He sighed.

“Who are you?” I asked nervously.

“My name is Calvin… Pleased to meet ya, kid,” he spoke with a hint of sarcasm, making me frown a little.

“I’m not a kid,” I snapped. “How do I know you’re not my kidnapper?”

“You will see when the lights come on. I’m just as trapped as you are, little one.”

Okay, he’s pissing me off.

“Don’t call me that as well.” I gritted my teeth. “When will the lights come on?” I got up from the floor and slowly walked alongside the wall, focusing on my whereabouts.

Calvin sighed. “You are irritating, you know that?”

“Tell me,” I demanded.

“It usually comes on in the mornings… Actually, I don’t know if it’s the mornings. But it comes on whenever I wake up. Which, by the way, you rudely woke me up.”

I scoffed lightly. “Jeez, I’m sorry I just found out I was kidnapped.”

“It’s alright, babe.”

“Enough with the nicknames! Shit just got real, you realize that yet? We have been fucking kidnapped! And why?” I panted heavily, trying to ignore the fear that was almost crippling me.

“You’re very sweary,” Calvin muttered. “Where did I hear that quote from?”

I stopped moving when I reached a corner.

“What?” I frowned.

Shit just got real. Oh yes, from Bad Boys 2,” Calvin chuckled lightly.

My hands flew to my hair, desperately trying not to lose my shit as I bent down to the floor. Then I thought back to my words and I frowned a little. Calvin was right.

I am sweary.

After a moment to calm myself down, I craned my neck to listen for any sounds but I couldn’t hear anything. I couldn’t tell what Calvin was doing. Had he gone back to sleep?

“Hey,” I whispered.

“Yes, dear?”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. “Why are you so sarcastic?”

“Why not?” he mumbled.

My body stiffened when I heard a soft creak from the bunk beds, perhaps he was trying to get comfortable. My heart wouldn’t stop pounding since I woke up. I rubbed my chest with a pained wince.

“I don’t get it,” I murmured. “You’re kidnapped too and you’re not even upset about it.”

A minute had passed and Calvin hadn’t replied to me, making me nervous. Did I suss him out or something? Or had he fallen asleep? My body wouldn’t stop trembling and I cursed to myself.

“You’re right. I’m sorry,” he suddenly said.

I froze.

“I guess… I’m just lonely,” he laughed softly.

My heart broke a little. He had been in this hellhole for a few days. All alone and scared. I cannot fathom how he’s feeling about this situation. I shook my head with a sigh.

“I’m sorry too… for y’know… yelling and waking you up,” I murmured. “Any chance could we start again?”


I licked my cracked lips. “Hey.”

“Howdy, cowgirl.”

Oh, for heaven’s sake...

My eyes rolled at his sarcasm.

Calvin chuckled in the dark. “Wow, I can hear you rolling your eyes. Okay, I’m sorry. Let’s start again.”

“Nope,” I snapped. “It’s fine. We’re cool.”

He sighed. “Come on.”

“Fine, go ahead. Last chance.” With that warning, I pulled up my knees and hugged them tightly while sitting in the corner of the “cage”.

“Well, hello there…” Calvin deepened his voice.

I shook my head with a tiniest smile. “Hey,” I finally said.

“I’m Calvin. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss.”

“You too,” I sighed. “My name is Hannah.”

“Hannah… Welcome to the kidnapped club,” Calvin whispered in the dark— as if he was dejected.

Then the lights came on.

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