The Glass Cage

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Chapter TWO


A long strip of light above the cage began to flicker and suddenly the entire room was flooded with intense bright light. I had been here long enough to know when to close my eyes to avoid the painful burning sensation.

“Oh my God! What’s happening?” I heard the panic in her voice.

My body flinched slightly, it felt so strange to hear another voice. Despite having been stuck in this cage, it felt like weeks since I talked to a person...

Or looked at someone.

With a sharp inhale, I stared at the girl in front of me. It felt like a breath of fresh air— like witnessing a rare white giraffe. She shocked me. Her long, glossy jet-black hair looked startling against her pale skin, her cheeks and lips were pink as roses. She looked roughly around my age and was tall, slender, with a frightened expression on her small face.

“I-I can’t see!” Hannah gasped.

I leaped off the top of the bunk beds and stopped myself from getting closer to her. She might freak out. If I was her, I wouldn’t trust me. She had no idea if I could be a kidnapper.

“Calm down,” I told her. “You’re just blinded for a second. I guess the ‘morning’ is here.”

“It’s too bright!”

I swear this asshole installed those horrible lights on purpose.

“Hey, listen to me… calm down and open your eyes a little.”

Hannah stiffened from my voice, but she eventually calmed down after taking a deep breath, then she peeked her eyes open. She squinted at the strong light, adjusting the brightness. Then she stilled for a moment and looked around the huge white room.

She’s even reacting the same as I did when I first saw the room.

Our kidnapper was a neat freak.

This asshole painted everything in white, even the floor. It was really strange. My clothes were white, even Hannah’s were the same. She was staring at her sweater and jogging pants. I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy changed her underwear to white, like he did with my boxer shorts. I shuddered at the memory.

Hannah’s face went very pale.

“I… need a drink,” she finally said.

As I ran a hand through my greasy hair, she snapped her head to face me and stared at me open-mouthed. Her pair of ice blue eyes met mine and I couldn’t believe how striking they looked. She blinked a few times and squirmed nervously.

“See? I’m not a kidnapper,” I told her, my hands gesturing at the cage we were trapped inside.

She didn’t move.

I walked to the mini-fridge and grabbed a chilled bottle of still water before handing it to her. “Sorry, water is the only drink we have,” I murmured.

Hannah slowly took it from me. “Thanks,” she said.

Then she took a step back, hitting one of the glass walls. She turned around like a flash and gaped at it for a second, and placed a hand on the wall. Her eyes looked around ourselves.

“The glass cage,” she whispered.

My head nodded.

We were trapped in this cage. It was about 12 feet wide and length, with an electronic door and… well, that was it. There was no way out of it, I’ve tried many times. Outside the cage, the room was much bigger but there was nothing in it— just four plain brick walls and a white door. No windows.

I heard a stifled gasp from my left.

Hannah looked close to tears, she tried to compose herself and turned away from me as she drank her water thirstily. I could see how scared she was, judging by the way her hands trembled.

I sat on the floor with my back on the wall, my eyes on the white door— wishing the motherfucker would come out of it and show us his face. I still had no idea why I ended up in this situation or why Hannah joined me now.

I didn’t even know she was here until she woke me up.

“Have you seen him?” she whispered.

My eyes met hers. Hannah looked very angry. Good, I thought. We need that anger to get us out of here.

“No… But I would like to kick his ass,” I growled.

She raised her eyebrows at me. “Join the club,” she said.


I must’ve paced around the large cage countless times, stopping at a random corner while I took a deep breath to steady my nerves. I walked past the bunk beds.

“Would you stop that?” Calvin snapped. “You really are an irritating little girl.”

“I’m not a little girl,” I glared at him. “I’m almost eighteen… Whatever, leave me alone. I’m thinking,” I muttered, continuing to move around the cage.

“About what?”

“My escape plan,” I answered him, craning my head to look at the glass door. It looked like a normal door, except for the security pad on the side. Although I couldn’t see what’s on the other side, I guessed it was either a number pad to enter the code in or a fingerprint sensor. I frowned at it.

“Does it involve me?”

I turned around just as the bed creaked under Calvin’s weight, his dark eyes meeting mine. I didn’t think I had ever seen chocolate brown eyes look so warm as Calvin’s. His face looked very slender and very pale, which was not surprising considering how long he spent in this windowless room. His lips looked chapped and nude. His brown hair was greasy as if he hadn’t taken a shower in days.

“Of course it does. We’re in this together,” I told him.

Calvin’s lips smiled faintly.

Heat rose in my cheeks when I realized I had been staring at him a little too long. I turned away and stared at the glass door again.

Why does he make me nervous?

I gulped quietly and walked slowly across the door, my fingers stroking the glass wall. Then I came across a small box next to the door as I bent down to examine it closer. It was positioned on the other side of the wall, but there was a door where we could open it to reach inside.

Too small for us to escape.

“What is this?” I asked him.

“It’s our letterbox.”

“What?” I blurted out in confusion, looking at Calvin who’s playing with his dark hair as it flopped onto his forehead.

“How do you think our mini fridge is fully stocked every day?” he tilted his head at me with his dark brooding eyebrows raised.


My mouth formed a little ‘O’ as realization dawned on me. “But you said you haven’t seen our kidnapper?” I frowned.

“Yep,” Calvin sighed. “He delivers in the dark when I’m sleeping.”

“Huh. So he doesn’t want to be seen. Yet.”

Calvin froze for a second. “Are you suggesting we know our kidnapper?”

I didn’t speak for a while, shrugging my shoulders as I turned back to our ‘letterbox’ and stared at it. It was too small for me to slide in and make my escape. Why would our kidnapper give us food without being seen? That’s just odd.


“Yeah?” He sat up on the top bed, swinging his long legs over the edge.

“I-I have a question,” I stuttered nervously. “It’s… uhm… personal.”

Calvin nodded his head. “Oh, that. There’s a bucket under your bed. We swap that out nightly,” he explained. “Toilet paper is on top of the fridge.”

I bent down to look under the bunk beds and pulled a disgusted face. “What the hell! Why is this stuff under my bed?” I glared at him.

“You weren’t here for some time.” Calvin shrugged his shoulders and twisted his body away from me to give me privacy. “Hurry up, would you? I have a lot of things to do.”

My eyes rolled at his sarcasm. I wondered if he was like this outside the glass cage or perhaps it was his defense mechanism to hide his true feelings— that he was fearing his life.

I’m scared too...

I blinked the tears away in my eyes and sniffled quietly as I used the bucket to relieve myself. I don’t think I’ve been so mortified to pee in front of a male stranger. Not long later, I pushed the bucket to the farthest corner from the bunk beds and covered the top with a layer of toilet paper.

“Um… I’m done,” I murmured.

God, this is so embarrassing.

“Great,” Calvin grumbled.

My hands felt cold so I decided to hug myself, hiding my hands in my armpits for warmth. I looked at Calvin’s figure, realizing he’s too tall for the bunk bed seeing as his feet hung over the edge. Then my eyes landed on something strange.

What’s that?

I stepped closer and suddenly I froze.

“Um, Calvin?”

“Don’t tell me you want to go for number two,” he sighed.

“What? Ew, no!” I grimaced. “Look, there’s something on the back of your neck.”

Calvin peeked at me over his shoulder with a frown. “What are you talking about?” he asked, rubbing a hand on his neck.

“Let me have a look,” I told him.

I took a cautious step closer to him and peered at his nape. I could see a line just below his hairline. About an inch long, and looked thick. It was angry red as if he recently scratched it, but it’s too big for a scratch. Now that I had a closer look, it looked like a small lump.

“Did you have a surgery recently?”

Calvin scoffed loudly. “Nope, and I will never have one. Unless it’s an emergency,” he muttered.

“Maybe it’s a spot,” I mumbled, feeling stupid.

“Gee, thanks Nurse.”

I frowned at him, watching as Calvin jumped off the bed and decided to do a few pull-ups on the floor. Unsure what to do, I rubbed the back of my nape.

“Oh my God. I have it too,” I gasped.

“What?” Calvin’s head snapped toward me, and walked to me as I turned my back on him. The tips of his fingers brushed against my skin, causing a small shiver down my spine.

“Well?” I couldn’t keep the fear out of my voice.

“Fuck…” he breathed. “You have it too.”

My stomach began churning, wondering what the hell was going on here. I turned around to face Calvin as he stared at me. His eyes were wide, clearly in shock.

“What… what does this mean?” I stammered nervously.

“I really don’t know,” he whispered.

I closed my eyes to stop the tears. I hadn’t experienced something as scary as this in my whole life, and I don’t know whether to be thankful or not that I’m not alone in this.

Shit, shit, shit!

“Hannah…” Calvin snapped me out of my panic mode.

I gulped. “What?”

“Hannah,” he repeated. Fear written all over his face. “I think someone injected us with something. Not drugs, but… a chip.”

“A chip?”

Calvin inhaled sharply. “A tracking chip,” he whispered.

Oh God, no.

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