The Glass Cage

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Chapter THREE


Ah, yes…

This worked out very well.

I had been planning this for years since I saw Hannah’s face. She was just fourteen years old when she entered my life. It didn’t surprise me that she was still beautiful as she was before.

I knew she would be.

I especially loved how she kept her dark hair long and it almost made me want to put her in my room just so she could use the shower and keep it glossy. I knew which conditioner she used— thanks to my spying skills when I tracked her to the drugstore.

But I couldn’t do that yet.

Hannah needed to stay with the boy.

I was hoping they would get along with each other, but now it looked like my plan was working. I leaned closer to my desk where my three large monitors were stationed on top.

These cameras are fantastic!

I was glad I opted for the higher priced security cameras. The resolution was amazing and I could see everything clearer. They were small and wireless with long-lasting batteries I installed not too long ago. I had to cover each of them with a white dome, so they wouldn’t stick out like an eyesore.

My eyes stayed on one of the cameras that positioned over the secured room— “the glass cage” they’d called it— and I typed on the keyboard, causing the screen to change. The live camera feed took up all of my monitors.

I smiled and leaned back on my chair.

Hannah was still in the same spot as the last time I saw her a few hours ago, just rocking her body back and forth. I glanced at Calvin, who was lounging on the top bed and appeared to be taking a nap.

That boy sleeps a lot…

They’d just figured out the tracking chips I put in them, it was hilarious to watch their reaction. I wondered if they thought that I planned to let them out.

Not today, but soon…

Just until Hannah’s energy is a little weak.

Licking my lips, I kicked up my feet and rested them on the edge of the desk. Then I took my hot steaming mug of strong coffee with a little splash of cream and a spoonful of sugar. I sipped it, keeping my eyes firmly on Hannah’s beautiful face.

Her gorgeous eyes.

Her pink lips…

“She’s finally mine,” I grinned.

Hannah slowly stood up from the floor and stretched her limbs, before she made her way over to the fridge. She pondered for a moment and selected a fruit granola.

I knew it!

I smirked, remembering she had always selected a fruit treat whenever she went to the shopping mall. Or when she fancied frozen yogurt— either raspberry with rainbow sprinkles or banana with crushed walnuts on top. It was never chocolate.

Hannah hesitated for a minute, then she took a tentative bite of her granola. Her little pink tongue licked across her lips. Then she jumped a little, looking startled.

I frowned when she looked over her shoulder and talked.

“Shoot...” I sighed, tapping on the volume button.

“Um, sure. Which flavor?” Hannah’s melodic voice sounded through the computer speakers.

“Anything,” said Calvin.

Hannah reached into the small fridge and passed the chocolate chip granola to the boy. That made me smile. I guessed she wasn’t fond of the chocolate.

“Thanks,” he said.

Hannah looked nervous as she shifted her weight from her foot to the other, then walked slowly toward the bunk bed. She looked shyly at Calvin before sitting on the bottom bed. She tested the mattress and grimaced slightly.

I knew the mattresses were bad, it was thin and very cheap.

Don’t worry, princess. You’ll be in a better bed soon…

I smiled.

Hannah lied on her back as she chewed on her snack, her blue eyes staring at the white ceiling. I thought they looked teary for a moment, but she blinked them away.

She’ll be fine.

If things go well according to my plan, then Hannah will understand the things I'll have done to her and she will grow to love me. She would soon forget her old life and begin a new chapter with me.

As I sipped on my hot coffee, I thought her eyes looked directly at the camera. My heart pumped wildly. It felt like she was looking at me. I dropped my feet from the desk and leaned closer to the monitor. Her face was tilted away from the camera, but I could see a part of her mouth was moving.

Is she whispering?


I typed on the keyboard, increasing the volume to max.

“Do you know we’re being watched?” Hannah’s voice was hushed.

Calvin turned onto his front, hiding his face away from most of the cameras. “I was hoping you didn’t see them,” he whispered.

Hannah sneakily looked around the vast room, her fearful eyes meeting on every of the cameras I installed. Her lips parted for a second before she looked away.

“I didn’t want to worry you,” the boy said sheepishly.

“No, it’s… fine,” she whispered.

I noticed she was staring directly at one of the cameras, so I selected it to enlarge on the computing screen. Her beautiful face took up most of the monitor. Her steely gray eyes flickered for a moment and I thought she looked really angry.

She won’t be angry at me.

Hannah closed her eyes and pulled the thin blanket over her body, then she wiped her cheekbones. Her button nose looked very red. She was crying silently.

“Hey, Hannah?”

“What?” She cleared her throat.

“Tell me about yourself,” said Calvin.

She frowned very gently. “What do you want to know?”


I leaned back on my chair and sipped on my coffee, listening to their conversation. My eyes never left her beautiful pale face. I still couldn’t believe that I actually have her.

Hannah licked her cracked lips. “My full name is Hannah Olivia Banks. I-I don’t know what day it is, but I’m about to turn eighteen.”

Oh, I know baby.

“Happy birthday,” Calvin replied.

“Thanks,” she rolled her eyes.

“Do you have any plans for your big day?” he asked.

A faint smile appeared on her face. “Well… we have this tradition. I can pick whatever I wanted to eat for my breakfast—”

“Let me guess. Ice cream?” Calvin interjected.


“Birthday cake?”

Hannah shook her head with a bigger smile. “Nah. I choose pancakes with crispy bacon and maple syrup,” she said.

I perk up instantly, knowing her birthday is tomorrow. I’d originally planned to give her a present, but my plans changed when I saw the boy on my way home and I knew I had to kidnap him. My smile grew wide, knowing what to give her tomorrow.

Calvin chuckled. “Really? That doesn’t sound special to me.”

“Oh, it is to me. We’re only allowed to eat cereal or toast. The boring stuff,” she said.

“Who’s ‘we’?”

“My mom, dad and my younger brother,” Hannah murmured as she twirled a thick strand of hair around her index finger. “He’s fifteen,” she added.

“I have a brother too,” Calvin murmured. “He’s an ass.”

“Watch your mouth,” I growled. “Not in front of my girl.”

I can’t wait to wash his mouth with soap!

Hannah frowned. “That’s not very nice.”

Calvin sighed. “I know… I guess I hate him for leaving me alone with my mom. He’s in Afghanistan. Second tour.”

“Oh…” Her red nose twitched. “That must be hard on your family.”

“It is, but we’re proud of him,” Calvin whispered.

I sighed irritably— fed up with their conversation— not wanting to hear about Calvin’s life at all. I put him there for one reason only. Nothing more. He was just a tiny piece of the puzzle I created for my new life with Hannah.

“Hey, Cal?”


“Thanks for the distraction,” Hannah smiled.

Calvin turned onto his side and pulled a blanket to his chin. “No problem,” he murmured. His dark eyes stared murderously at one of the cameras. It angered me.

“You will be dead soon, boy!” I growled.

I stood up abruptly from the desk and pulled one of the main switches with a heavy clunk. The lights went out in their room.

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