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This book is a DARK ROMANCE/AMOUR🔞 No one knew the fate of an eighteen-year-old girl when Zachary Byron decided to take her in. Someone who was known as the most psychotic doctor to ever exist, Dr. Zachary just eyed the little girl and knew she was his and anyone trying to say otherwise would meet the fate which would even make a cadaver shake. No one was allowed to glance at his girl, no one was allowed to take in the beauty which belonged to only him. But what happens when the girl says otherwise? Zachary was sure Lavelle was the only soul which belonged to the maze of his Dark Psychotic Love.

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Chapter I

As I was descending down the stairs, I heard the vague cries of many girls. Some were crying for their family while some were crying for their lost virtues. It was reported that a shipment where the girls were being smuggled to an island went wrong and they were all taken to my hospital for their checkups and examinations.

I started examining the girls, some of their vaginas were bleeding due to brutal sex and maybe there were even lacerations. Some girls were crying in the corner butt naked as their ass was severely damaged.

Sometimes I would find it difficult to comprehend the rationality of a human brain. Ruining little girls not more than 20 years old, at least discard them after doing so because it didn't have to hinder my few hours of night sleep. I mean I was about to hit the sack.

Now I had no other options other than patching up these girls who weren't even in the state to talk or explain to me while my hospital had to admit them all and provide them with free services.

I hated this whole ordeal where I had to spend my money on these whores who were anyways going to be sold and be harlots for their entire being. I hated how I had to answer the officials that what was wrong with them.

That was not my job! I wasn't the best surgeon in the state to fucking spread a pussy lip and say whether she was brutally fucked or not.

These girls were the bump in my road as they were annoying me now by their constant yelps of pain and it was messing with my head now.

Today even the day was blustery and my whole hospital bustling with these disgusting worthless bitches made me want to commit scooter ankle.

I had finished examining the second last pussy when my assistant informed me that the last pussy was throwing tantrums and didn't wish to spread her legs.

I threw the reports on my assistant's face and went to handle the stupid cunt who was in for a good lesson today. I mean you are anyways made to be fucked. If not today then someday it was going to happen. Just give men their release and you would be just fine.

When I reached near the girl and called her out she didn't even think it was necessary to retort back by uncovering her face which she was hiding between her hands and crying.

Miserable bitches.

Am I a fool here to handle her cheap tantrums?

I yelled at her and that's when she was startled and moved away from me frightened. She cautiously started backing away and I didn't even stop her.

I took in her appearance and her state was destitute. Her ashen face, gleaming eyes were full of unwashed tears. Her slack hairs disturbing her eyesight at which she seemed irritated. Just looking at her, I felt vibrant and animated.

How was that even possible?

This little girl was very thin, looked parched and petrified to me. She was wearing a worn-out torn archaic dress which made me question the circumstances she was kept in.

I very carefully went near her and looked down directly at my prize between her legs. She seemed bothered by this and immediately covered her princess part with her tiny hands making me laugh at her cute larks.

I stood in front of her and forwarded my right hand to caress her swollen cheek which suddenly made my heart leaden. I didn't like this feeling.

Why was her face so swollen? And those handprints that marred her beautiful face.

I scooped her in my arms but she started trashing in my hold, my eyes did warn her which made her actions halt making me sigh. I wasn't a patient man. And with this little girl, I won't be even able to keep my demons at bay.

I made her sit on the stretcher and very gently took out her flimsy sheer panty gaining a whimper from her.

She kept on denying my touches by backing away but I didn't let her out of my grasp.

I carefully pulled up her dress praying nothing wrong should have happened with my little girl while she was shedding silent tears.

I took out my bivalve speculum and opened up her pussy wider to examine.

I breathed in relief when I heard her wails filled with agony. She was still a virgin. I pressed my thumb against her bud and inserted my index finger inside her core at which she gaped like a fish. She was so adorable.

I looked down at myself to be met with the sight of my hard dick ready to plunge into her virgin pussy.

I was drawing circles on her clit and moving it in a circular motion so that she would enjoy what I was doing to her. She was trying to continuously back away from me but only after I came undone inside my pants I left her. Looking down at my semen jetting out of my pants made me wonder how it would feel when I would be drilling inside her.

Before sex, we strip each other and help each other get naked and after sex, we dress and mind our own business, so after being fucked we help ourselves like ways I knew now that no one could help me as life had fucked me up now.

No one was present in the room other than me and my baby girl whose eyes seemed to be dropping already.

"What's your name, baby girl?" I asked her softly hooking her hairs in plates while kissing her forehead.

"I want to go back to little bees please" she whined while I just watched her bewildered and amused.

Did she just ignore me?

I clasped her jaw and brought her face near mines harshly, looking at her in the eyes, warning her.

"When I ask you a question, you answer me without muttering all the nonsensical blabbering which I don't care of. Am I clear?" I gritted to which she nodded frantically to get away from me.

Oh, she was delusional to think that she could get away from me.

"What's your name and how old are you?" I asked her again. My patience running slimmer now. Never in my 32 years have I been disrespected and my little girl won't do that too.

"Lavelle and eighteen" she murmured looking anywhere but at me.

She was Lavelle, Zachary's Lavelle.

She invaded my peace and was put into my reach but now it was all set,

She shall always stay in my reach.


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