Halloween Blaze (Book One of Hallow- Fair)

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The phantom of a missing best friend returns to her missing half. He goes to a party where she begs him to see her again. He caves in, and agrees to meet her at a lake that no one knows about.

Horror / Other
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Halloween Blaze

As soon as I opened the screen door, the cold air blew on my face. I could smell the smoke that was burning from the back yard. I wrap my black coat around my waist, pulling it tighter around me.

“Do you want to go down by the lake?” It’s silky hand softly gripped my shoulder. I looked down on it. The long nails were perfectly groomed with different shades of blue delicately painted over them.

“There’s a lake nearby?” I asked, now staring out at the woods beyond.

It giggled. “Of course there is.”

“Can you just put me in the direction? I want to get this torture over with.”

The giggling ceased. A small flag that never moved started blowing towards the woods. I felt my body start moving into the darkness while every alarm in my brain rang out, telling me to run back inside the house. As my legs carried me away, the wind blew colder and colder. The light faded out. With every step, something inside me screamed. It was telling me to stop moving, to stop giving in. It started banging in my head as my feet moved faster. The shouting was coming from every direction. It just kept getting louder and louder. My feet ran faster and faster. I was in a daze.

Something hit my leg. Everything came to a halt and I fell onto the sticks and mud below. The sound of snapping twigs fired into the air and, just as quickly, was picked up by another gust of wind. I get up to see my phone cracked. In the reflection, I see it, her, behind me.

I spin around and this time, she doesn’t disappear. Nothing changed. Her long black hair pulled up behind her. The golden hair piece that she cherished with her heart. The green eyes that always brought a smile to my face, except now.

“It's been a year Benji. A year since you left me.”

The sound of waves entered my ears. I look towards the sound, just off the treeline. My feet carry me again.

“One year since I disappeared and you just moved on.”

The tree line stood on the edge of a cliff. Below, The cold waters of a lake no one knew existed. Yet, the waves stretched on beyond the stars in the sky.

“But now, we can just relax and be together forever, as friends.”

I stare out. The alarms were silent. It was just me and her. Forever. She moves out in front of me and reaches out her hand. I grab it. It’s just as soft and warm as I remember it.


I take a step off the cliff.

I fall.

And just before I hit the rocks and sticks below, I see her smiling with me.
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