Legacy of the Wolf

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Violent, jarring motions brought Sam back to consciousness.

She was prone, curled up on her side, her body bouncing in a dark, enclosed space.

Where am I? What happened?

Sam struggled to remember. The last thing she could recall was Nina lashing out, hitting her in the head. There was a tight, dull ache on her left temple.

She could hear an engine; the steady drum of rain pounding on metal; could feel fabric beneath her.

I’m in a trunk.

Questions raced through her mind: why would Nina take her? Where could she be taking her? Was Nina involved with Raggedy Man?

For now Sam had to assume the worst. She reached to the holster beneath her jacket, feeling for her gun…

Gone. Nina had taken it. And when off duty, Sam didn’t carry a backup. Something that would change if she made it out of this.

You will make it out of this.

Next she searched her jacket pocket for her cell phone. That was gone as well. So were her keys.

Am I being transported in my own car?

Searching her inside pocket, she found that she was still in possession of her badge case and wallet… for all the good those would do her. She felt around for something that might be useful as a weapon but there was nothing within reach.

The vehicle’s tires crunched on gravel. Its velocity slowed. Seconds later it came to a stop and the vibration of the motor ceased.

Sam considered her options. Nina hadn’t bound her… probably because she had Sam’s gun. If Nina had brought her to some remote location to shoot her, for whatever reason, Sam could not afford to hesitate. She would have to act as soon as the other woman opened the trunk. Maneuvering as best she could in the tight space, Sam curled into a ball, with her right foot tucked and ready to strike.

There was the sound of the car door opening and closing; footsteps coming around; a key turning in the lock. The trunk’s lid lifted up. Rain poured down. Nina was just a darker shape against the dark sky.

With a loud yell Sam thrust her leg out as hard and as fast as she could. Nina deflected the kick with ease.

This time Sam didn’t see the fist that struck out, knocking her unconscious yet again.

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