Halloween Hiding

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Halloween supplies! Let's Party!

Jenny decided that only was her Halloween party going to be a blast but she was going all out with decorations. Some of them Kat had made. Kat was talented and could put anything together and it looked awesome.

"I made another black cat to hang in the window." Kat proudly displayed her black cat the way Vanna White would happily display a new car to a contestant on "Wheel of Fortune."

"Okay, I need invites and e-vites." Jenny stared at Kat while she was stuffing taco ingredients into taco shells. "Oh shit, I need to melt the cheese." Kat took everything out and put the ground now steaming hot turkey meat back into the frying pan and dumped a bunch of shredded cheese on top.

She left it settle for a few minutes before calling Jenny. Jenny's mom went on vacation with her new boyfriend. "What about your mom? Did you tell her you were having a huge party on Halloween?"

"Yes, KatMom, I told my mother I was having a party!" Jenny quickly flashed her phone screen at Kat to display a text message screen and all she could make out was it said "Mom" at the top.

"okay, we need to plan, we need supplies." Jenny sat down with her taco and a tablet and began writing! She didn't like making computer or any kind of electronic notes, fearing she would lose them.

Jenny decided she would just go and check out a few stores and see what they had. She wound up at a local Halloween inspired store and just picked out everything scary!

The young guy at the register studied her for a second and smiled, "so, are you having a party?"

"Yeah, a big Halloween party!" Jenny rummaged through her over-sized purse for her wallet and smiled back at him. "You forgot a costume the young man cocked his head to the right.

"Oh, no, no no, I have one already." Jenny watched as he finished ringing up her items and stuck them in bags and began handing her them, one by one.

Jenny smiled at the clerk as she paid for her massive amount of Halloween supplies. Now the task of getting it all home and unloading everything.

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