Halloween Hiding

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Let's decorate!

Jenny and Kat arrived home with more bags then they had imagined. "UGGGHHH, why did you need a pinata?"

"Well you know, more candy." Jenny looked at her with a small smile. She followed Kat into the house when she felt eyes on her. Jenny dealt with some trauma early in her life after she was robbed at gun point and tried to fight with the man but he beat her pretty badly. Jenny could feel someone watching her. Kat hurried in the house as she was already carrying more bags than one human being probably should be.

Jenny stopped dead in her tracks on her small front porch and set the bags down and quickly turned around. She didn't want to seem too obvious but she also put some dramatic effects on her cautious spying. "Ugggh, I am so worn out." She reached into her small handbag for her phone and slowly began to look up. She looked up and down the street and across the street. Nothing seemed too odd. Nothing seemed too different.

Her nosy neighbor was peeking through the blinds watching Jenny watch her. Her next door neighbor was busily sweeping her walkway. She was a bit of a clean freak.

Jenny has some OCD but felt that Mrs. Clean was a bit much. Jenny still felt eyes on her when she gathered the bags again and turned to head inside when she crashed into Kat! "OMG, are you are trying to give me a heart attack?!!!" "What, what? I was just coming to see if you needed help!" Kat's eyes partically bugged out of her head. "Are you okay? You look pale." Kat stared at Jenny for about five seconds before taking bags from her hand.

"Come on, we have to get ready." Kat nudged her. "Yeah, yeah, I am coming." Jenny always got weird feelings around this time of year. She loves Halloween but some of the things that happened, she just could never shake.

"Oh, shit! I forgot the sodas." Jenny stared at Kat hoping she would offer to go get them but she knew Kat wanted to decorate so Jenny said, "Okay, I will go!" "Okay, be safe and oh could you pick up ice too? We forgot the ice!" Kat was already stringing streamers and crazy green spider web when Jenny grabbed her handbag, keys and her phone. Her battery was lower than before so she grabbed her phone charger for her car.

Jenny walked outside and again had a strange feeling. "Okay, you are just trying to freak yourself out. Stop it!" Jenny repeated that to herself several times.

She got in her car and turned on the radio and as she usually did, she checked the back seats. Force of habit she thought rolling her eyes at her safety routine.

She arrived at a small convenient store and grabbed her bag and phone. She walked inside and grabbed a few cases of soda. The man behind the counter was not paying too much attention. Jenny heard the bell go off at the door and it made her jump.

A tall, slender man with darker hair walked in. He leaned on the counter for a moment and made eye contact with Jenny. He didn't smile or move he just stared at her. Jenny felt unnerved and quickly made a bee line for the ice and grabbed a bag.

The man behind the counter had already began to ring up the tall slender man. "Is that all sir?" "Yes!" He wasn't big on conversation. He picked up his lighter and pack of Newports and walked out of the store.

Jenny watched him slowly walk out the door and there was no car parked outside. Jenny was now slightly nervous. "Ummm, would you mind helping me take all this soda to my car please?" Jenny smiled and flirted with the man and he happily obliged so she stopped with smiling and nonsense.

"He was a little strange, don't ya think?" Jenny stared at the man waiting for a response. "I see strange people all day, lady. It comes with the job!" He put the soda and the ice in the trunk of her car and walked back into the store.

Jenny dropped her keys and bent down to pick them up and noticed a Newport lying next to her car. It was not even lit. She quickly looked around and opened her car door and got in.

She checked the back seat and locked the doors. KNOCK KNOCK, "Hey, I dropped my cig!" He knocked on her window nearly causing her to jump into the passenger seat. Jenny slowly let her window down a little bit. "What!?" she yelled at him. "I dropped a cigarette at your car!" He smirked, tucking the cigarette back into the case.

He smiled and nodded at her. Jenny started her car and headed back home. She was on edge and nervous. She arrived home and Kat came running outside, "Okay what did you get? I hope you got Dr. Pepper!?" "Yeah, I did. I got all different kinds." Jenny searched her neighborhood for anything strange as Kat grabbed the bag ice and reminded Jenny she would be back out to help with the rest of the soda.

"Yeah, yeah, I heard you. Okay."

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