The Unborn Joel (First Draft)

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One wants revenge. One is ready to kill. Another is willing to protect his loved one at all cost. All of this had started only for one reason. Now, it is your mission to discover what has caused all of this by reading this book. Keep in mind that there are two ghosts which have a similar name so, don't get confused (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ and don't forget your popcorn and your blanket when you read this story. Let's get spooky and shoot arrows like Cupid! ☬☬☬☬☬ This work is part of a series. Furthermore, this is my first attempt at writing a horror genre. Also, there will be a new and improved version of this story after I've finished writing it so, stay tuned ♡♡ ©2021, Kookie

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It's Just The Beginning

In the year 1994...
(1 year ago)

Michael was a 17-year-old boy who had only one parent which was his mother. His father died in an awful plane crash. He was a great man who didn't deserve any of that. Well, at least that's what Michael thought.

After a while, Michael went through a lot. He was hearing voices that were discouraging him, he started looking at his wrist, keeps locking himself in his room and the list just goes on and on. Micheal never told his mother about what he was going through because it will just give her more stress. It was already stressful enough for her to deal with her husband's death. Now, she has to worry about Micheal? Well, that won't happen because Michael kept it all to himself.

As the days went by, Michael's behavior just got worse. The death of his father had corrupted his mind with monsters that he wished to not appear. His mother observed him every day yet she did nothing about it because she thought that Michael was just simply going through a typical teenager phase.

Also, Michael didn't seek help because he was afraid of what others will think about him. He thought that he will get bullied at school for being weak over someone's death.

Many people at his school have a complete family and only 3% have lost a parent or two. What happened to this 3%?? They've got beaten up until they had to change schools. One of the victims was in the hospital and didn't wake up for five years. In short, the victim fell into a deep coma.

On the 19th of March 1993, Michael's mom went inside his room to clean it. When she was cleaning, she saw scribbles on the wall and began to read 'em out loud.

Dad, I love you!

Why aren't you home yet?

She screamed in shock! She didn't expect to see this in his room. She quickly ran out of the room while crying. Her tears were streaming down uncontrollably as she couldn't stop them. She thought that she has accepted her husband's death but all of those were simply lies that she had filled her head with for years.

After 20 minutes of recovering from what she had just seen, she decided to check the scribbles once again. She checked the scribbles on the wall and most of them were about his dad. But what's this?

"Joel?" she asked herself.

"Who's this? Why didn't Michael tell me about him?" The curiosity about this boy grew bigger in her. She just couldn't believe that Michael was starting to hide things from her.

She then began to read the sentences written with the name Joel on them.

Joel, when is dad coming home?

He's not. He left you because you're a sinner!

She just couldn't help but wonder, why was Michael a sinner? She thought hard about it but still couldn't get a clue on why Michael was called that. Then, she saw a sentence that immediately caught her eyes.


She kept looking at it. It's like she was hypnotized to that particular word.




She kept saying that word until the walls began getting closer. She was so focused on the word 'Joel', she didn't realize that her surroundings were getting...... weird.

Luckily, she was able to blink her eyes at the moment. However, as she regained consciousness, it was already too late!! She realized that she was trap between the walls. The walls began to crush her to death. At that exact moment, Michael came back from school and walked straight up to his room.

When he entered the room, he saw blood covering the floor, body parts everywhere, and most importantly, her face. He quickly dialed (999) and (911) to check the scene and to bring his mom to the hospital.

After 10 minutes, the ambulance arrived at the destination. After a few more minutes, the police arrived. Without delaying any further, the police began the questions section with Michael because he was the only witness.

"So Michael, did you know what happened?" asked the police officer.

"No, I saw my mom lying on the floor deadly after I came back from school," he said while trying to hold back his tears.

"Did you interact with anyone that you are familiar with, before or after the scene?"

"I guess......yesterday I was talking to my dad and Joel. I write to my dad's soul who I still believe is here and Joel, my baby brother who died in my mom's stomach before she gave birth to him.

Everyone knew my mom was gonna fail her second pregnancy and surprisingly she did. I--I told him to call me a sinner if he went to hell or big brother in case he went to heaven, I.....I.......cursed him to die actually.

Since then, he called me for real.....I heard him! He said I'm next! Save me! Save me! I'm too young to die!" Michael cried.

The officer simply gave him a sigh because he thought it was all fake and for the record, Michael was being a little over-dramatic to the officer. After that dramatic scene, the police officer let Michael go.

Then, Michael quickly ran to the hospital. After he reached there, he saw the nurses taking his mom away from him. Anger and sadness struck him like lightning. He went home alone. "Now that I'm alone, I should just buy a new house and start a new life tomorrow," said Michael.

Oh, no you won't

"Wh---who's t--t---there?"

Oh, Michael. It's a pity that you can't remember me! For now, let's just say that I'm the one who's gonna take away your daylight!!

The next day......

"What the----, what......what is this?" asked the officer in shock. "He's......he's......DEAD?! I JUST SAW HIM FREAKING YESTERDAY!!! I ENQUIRED HIM! LIKE YESTERDAY!! This can only mean one thing.........GHOSTS ARE REAL!!!!!!". The police officer freaked out as soon as he saw the boy's dead body on the ground and immediately knew that the 'fake' story Michael told yesterday must've been true!

"Why do they always bring in the crazy ones instead of the decent ones?" another police officer mumbled to himself after watching the scene that just happened a few seconds ago.
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