The Unborn Joel

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People's Believe

In the year 2002......
(8 years later after the accident)

People got to know about Michael's death. The reporters said the news just came in was 'fake'. Until today, no one knows what happened before the day Michael died. Besides that, the reporters had also discovered that 'Joel' is a ghost who was roaming alone around that house for several years.

Some people said that this was a sick joke. However, Andrew, a police officer who enquired Michael in person that day said to the local news that, "JOEL IS REAL!!!!" After his 'wonderful' speech about this, he was sent to a mental hospital in the year 1996. People still think that this is fake while only one person believes in this!

Her name is Caroline. Rumors say that she's a freak who believes in crazy stuff like this as in ghosts. This year, Caroline is 16-years-old to be accurate. Surprisingly, Caroline has a boyfriend. I mean.....had! Since then, Caroline had trust issues which gave her quite a challenge throughout her high school.

A few years later

Caroline got into college. Then, she met Kesha. She was the person who the principal had instructed to give Caroline a tour around the school. They talked. A LOT!! In one of their conversations, Kesha asked Caroline a question.

"Did you know?" she asked.

"What?" Caroline asked back. Keshea then began to explain herself.

"I meant, did you know about Michael's death?" she asked again but more accurately.

"Well, I do know a little bit about Michael's death. I think he died because of his sins" said Caroline in fear.

But before she realized it, Keshea disappeared into thin air. When Caroline took a look at the clock, she was shocked! The time shown was midnight!!! The walls were getting closer! Michael's mom story!!

In reality

"Caroline!! Wake up!!! WAKE UP!!!"

"What.....what happened?" asked Caroline in confusion.

"You fainted all of a sudden," said the random person.

"Where's....K.....Keshea?" asked Caroline again, once she realized.

"Keshea? As far as I know, there's no one here named Keshea" she said while thinking maybe there was something wrong with Caroline.

Caroline slowly got up from the ground and quickly ran to her class.

But I saw her!!! She was tall, had black hair, she was an Indian girl and she had curly hair!!!!

When she was walking to class, someone closed her mouth and pulled her hip.

"You can see me right?" asked the mysterious voice.

However, she couldn't because she was looking in the opposite direction. As she turned, she cried in happiness!!


Background Credits 📸💕

Before this chapter ends, I'd like to thank my good friend, Keshea, for helping me out when I was writing this chapter. I appreciate your help and honestly if you didn't help me...I don't think I would've continued to write this story because I still remember till this day that I was actually on writer's block at the moment but because she gave a few ideas, I was able to make it work. I'm grateful for all the help you gave me during our free period at school. Even though this somehow feels like I'm overreacting, I'm not. I just wanna thank you, Keshea, for helping me and also reading my story willingly. I don't know how to thank you for the great help you did for me. I don't know how to thank anyone in general but I'm trying. So, thank you 💕✨

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